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it's $1868 now and falling fast. how low do you think it can go?


technically is should be 1850 lowest.


wow, you were spot on. It bounced up from around that level. Following you now.

Market Cap: $61,541,295,334 / 24h Vol: $3,041,885,503 / BTC Dominance: 49.9%
as of 7/16/2017 5:36am PST

Notice the rise in BTC dominance in market cap. This means that people are cashing out altcoins into Bitcoin most likely to withdraw, as well as holding Bitcoin as a hedge to the volatility (ironic right?) and prepare for a possible fork. Im going to hold my BTC just in case it forks then I will have two currencies that I can sell at a later date for a nice profit.


I also bought btcs from exchange using sgd when it drops drastically ... just in case, I also sell btc for usdt in poloniex in case it drops ridiculously below 1850.


yes, that's what I noticed too. Bitcoin market cap went up! Ethereum is hit for some reason, not many ICOs in play, so wondering why?

Dropping dropping dropping.... !!!!! :)