5 Steps to Hedge and Grow Your Bitcoin and Ethereum Faster & Safer!

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STEP 1:  Buy your bitcoins and ethereums whenever there are drastic drop in their prices @ https://goo.gl/WoHXUc

"Buy either when the prices are stabilizing well at the bottom or there are sharp rebounding like a letter 'V'.'

STEP 2:  Sell 50% of what you have bought if their prices are rising. 

"Sell at the price that you SHOULD SELL and not at the price you WANT TO SELL."

STEP 3:  The remaining 50% can be either HOLD for long-term huge profit or you can direct them to this platform, Ethtrade, to grow both your bitcoin and ethereum. Learn more @ http://goo.gl/NqTLlK

"Holding on the good coins will only have growth in the value but not the amount. Directing the good coins to Ethtrade will have growth in both the value and amount."

STEP 4:  If the  prices drop further after you have bought them, you can also direct to Ethtrade while waiting for them to rise .

"Diversify to the RIGHT platform, you can be rich. Diversify to the WRONG platform, you can be poor. Be Careful!"

STEP 5:  Finally, direct back your earned bitcoins and ethereums from Ethtrade to your ewallet and get ready to SELL for bigger profit.

"Money is like water, it can't be stagnant as it will breed mosquitoes and you will start to bleed. Move the money wisely around, so that it can be a moving water, that can't breed mosquitoes and so you will never bleed : )"

Below are my proofs and more proofs can be found in my Facebook Photo Albums @ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686135339&ref=bookmarks

Find out more on Ethtrade, goto http://goo.gl/NqTLlK

Hope the above 5 Steps can make you even more prosper.

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