Don't we all want to know the most promising altcoin!



What is a good investment in the altcoin jungle? Well thats the question i'm asking my self all the time. I spent hours reading papers, forums, blogs, watching video's and analyzing historical data. Until I reached a point where I needed the data in a visual way and was born.

At the moment of writing (July 2017) the site scrapes 3 exchanges, Poloniex, Bittrex and Cryptopia which combine serve ~498 altcoins, there are 1000+ coins out there so you miss ~50% of the potential killer coins. Its on the roadmap to connect more exchanges.

But the first feature is creating models which detect coins I want on my radar for investigation. Any advice is more than welcome.

Thoughts are:

  • New added coins.
  • Coins value drops 50% below its all time high.
  • Coins with # number of retweets

Its possible to login with a Github account and help enrich the data, there is also an options to add read API keys from Cryptopia and Bittrex, if you do that I merge your holdings in the coins table.
The site is under heavy development, data shown could be out of sync. And its full with bugs :-)

-- Ferry

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