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Helloo Friends, i found this interesting project which i want you to also benefit.

The #STANDARTA.IO Сommunity
The existing distribution of global wealth is unfair. Oxfam study found that 82% of global wealth created in 2017 went to 1% of the richest, while 50% of the poorest world’s population has not received anything from the created wealth.

Even this is not yet enough. There is a so-called Consumer Price Index (CPI) reflecting how much the price of the basket of essential goods and services in a particular currency has increased. All over the world, the value of the basket, and with it the CPI in all currencies is constantly increasing, so the purchasing power of the savings of the population in these currencies is constantly falling. With an increase in the CPI by 20%, you can buy 20% less on your savings. For example, in the USA, between 1984 and 2018, the CPI increased 2.49 times. This means that for 33 years the prices for essential products and services have increased by 2.49 times or by 149%. If 33 years ago, for $ 100 you bought 5 identical things and put them in the safe, then opening the safe today you would find in it only 2 of the 5 same things left there. Would you call it stealing? Who took the things from your safe? It is the world financial system! As you can see, the monetary policy of central banks and financial authorities leads to a loss of the purchasing power of your savings earned through a hard work. It makes you working just to keep alive until you die.

It turns out that making savings in US dollars or another fiat currency for old age makes no sense, because in 50 years, when you retire, on your savings made in your youth you can buy only 10% of what you could buy in your youth.

Whether people can offset the loss of purchasing power and achieve justice?

STANDARTA is a community of free cryptocurrency mining. Despite the fact that the community provides cryptocurrency mining for free, the currency that you mine for free, has the value of some of the purchasing power that the world financial system has taken from your savings and the savings of your relatives. If you are young and have not worked yet, consider that in this way you receive an inheritance from your parents who have worked all their life, but the purchasing power of their savings was not inherited by you because the world financial system unnoticeably erased it through a constant decrease in the purchasing power of savings.

STANDARTA.IO will allow FREE mining of 11,000 tokens for each member of Free Mining
Community who have successfully passed mandatory KYC procedure!
But how can a free cryptocurrency acquire value?
The circulation of fiat currencies in reality is driven by only two reasons:

The public consent on the use of a particular currency as a mean of payment. This is
a reason of dollarization in weak economies.
The enforcement of law requiring to accept payments only in local currency. This is a
reason why citizens in weak economies switch from US dollar or Euro to a local
That's why before mining 11,000 tokens for free, each community member have to accept
the terms of the "Community Agreement", that requires the member to:
Agree with the “pre-market’ evaluation of 1 token = 1 US dollar
Agree that the other members of the community have the right to impose sanctions
against the "pre-market" evaluation offender.
Christine Lagarde, the IMF Managing Director, noted in one of her speeches that there is a
turning point in dollarization. For example, in the Seychelles, after reaching the level of 20%,
the dollarization jumped to 60% from 2006 to 2008. STANDARTA.IO sets itself the goal to
reaching such a turning point, triggering the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency payments on
consumer market in key jurisdictions.
However, even if the STANDARTA.IO tokens are donated to only 0.1% of the world's
population, the “pre-market” cap of STANDARTA.IO tokens may exceed the total market
capitalization of Bitcoin and Ether, which will allow STANDARTA.IO tokens to bring the
market closer to the widespread use of crypto-currency payments
ATTENTION: STANDARTA.IO offers no tokens to general public in exchange for fiat
money or other valuable assets!
Tokens will be mined FREE of charge for pre-registered Free Mining Community members
who know each other through a “hand-shake”: In the beginning the team members issue
invitations only to those they know personally and each invited after accepting the invitation
can in turn invite his/her friends to participate in the Free Mining Community and so on. No
cold calls, no advertisement, no spam. The referral way of joining to the community of free
cryptocurrency miners means that although mining is available for indefinite number of
people, all these people are "hand-shake" friends rather than a "general public" in the
meaning used for IPO or ICO offerings.
Why is it important to fight the poverty?
The latest Oxfam survey reveals that 1% of the richest people received 82% of the wealth
created in the world in 2017, with 50% of the world's poorest people receiving nothing. The
National Bureau of Economic Research comes to a conclusion that the emergence of one
industrial robot destroys 5.6 jobs, which threatens in the near future the loss of jobs to a
large number of low-skilled workers and the impoverishment of these people.
So why is it so important to raise people's incomes and improve their health care?
The well-known billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates convincingly proves that taking care
of people's health leads to a decrease in the birth rate and, perhaps, this is the only way to
save the Earth from overpopulation. Another billionaire Nick Hanauer , who was an early
investor in Amazon, explains how an increase in wages leads to universal prosperity, while
injustice in the distribution of wealth leads to the impoverishment of the nation and to the
collapse of a free society.
That is why the social concept of Universal Basic Income has been increasingly discussed
lately. For the above reasons, the founders of the STANDARTA.IO consider necessary the
fair distribution of wealth in the world and therefore offer the STANDARTA.IO tokens in a
form of the FTM - FREE TOKEN MINING rather than in a form of an ICO. Thanks to FTM,
anyone can mine his/her 11,000 tokens using STANDARTA.IO absolutely FREE!
Obtaining free STANDARTA.IO tokens is only possible by invitation. Ask friends to send you
an invitation, and then invite your friends and acquaintances! In addition to the free mining of
11,000 tokens, for every invitation accepted by your friends, you will allowed to mine another
550 free tokens. Help all your friends and acquaintances to participate in FTM, the more we
are, the stronger we become!

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