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The rapid expansion of blockchain technology has created and opened a great potential market for crypto trade. But there are several failures to be answered in the crypto economy. The main issues are cost and speed. Korona team has developed a better solution for those issues. They are developing the most reliable, bias-free, decentralized, Blockchain based, efficient transfer technology and ecosystem to make the banking function easier. It will connect the real world economy and the crypto economy. Korona possesses lots of unique features that others don’t possess. With the advent of blockchain technology, many financial institutions and banks began to revise their services and offers provided on the economic market. As practice shows, many transactions related to the transfer of funds on the Internet, depend on banks. Each completed transaction is stored in the Ledger of a centralized system. The blockchain technology is an innovative system that also allows storing all accounting data, but already in a decentralized network, ensuring transparency and data security. That, in turn, undermines the whole of the former Bank's reputation.


Most of the Cryptocurrency projects are aimed at bringing new platforms to the whole world. This level is unrealistic, especially when the project is launched. Korona Coin adopts a different approach. Korona focuses on a single flare instead of accessing the whole world at launch. Korona Coin's team has experience in the European market and shareholders know that they will work together to achieve their project success.
Korona Coin wants to be used for the purchase of goods and services. The platform will appeal to users by integrating banking packages for both private and commercial customers. The features on the platform include wallet management, low-cost payment technology, and fiat shopping. Korona Coin will provide another significant feature, including tax support, as well as client advocacy, market transport support, and commercial delivery links. In the end, Korona Coin will widely accept and increase the value of the token. Let's take a closer look at the project.


Korona Coin's ecosystem works by connecting many different shareholders. Users can move the crypto to the Korona Cryptobank from their external exchanges and then move their money to the Korona Payment Frame. From here, users will be able to access their wallets, make smartphone payments, and shop at the platform web store. Users from Korona Cryptobank will be able to access the fiat exchange, make purchases with sellers, and access tax support services. The Korona Coin ecosystem is integrated and encourages users to trade on the platform. Since Korona Coin is built on Ethereum, users can benefit from smart contracts in their transactions.
Korona is a decentralized system that plans to provide users with an easy-to-use, transparent and licensed platform. With the help of which, users will be able to meet all their needs, this can include the management of different wallets, convenient payment system, as well as the rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies for Fiat. At the same time, the platform will provide its users with everything they need in terms of service: information support, commercial guarantees, tax information, as well as services for the purchase of various goods and services.

This platform will be focused to a greater extent on the European market. From the moment Korona tokens are available, users will be able to purchase online goods and other services from three European countries. But as Korona token grows and popularizes, the list of countries will be expanded, thus increasing the number of users and scaling the system.


The KORONA platform aims to include the digital payment platform in order to provide the necessary link between e-commerce stores and cryptocurrency payments. The digital payment platform can be easily integrated into any third party online store platform available to this date. Also on the KORONA platform, we have the korona payment processor API which is created for speed and security. It incorporates all the protection and safety features of the major fiat based traditional system but it combines with additional benefits of the decentralized blockchain based system and naturally it perform with korona tokens. The Korona ecosystem uses the benefits of payment solutions offered via Blockchain technology to its advantage. It supports business and private users through its intricate network of various features and applications. Main components of Korona ecosystem are business wallets, exchange services, applying a new digital technology for payment purposes, paying Korona coins in shops, e-commerce payments, integrated service-packages and reductions in prices for users.
In order to boast the usage of blockchain based payment systems, KORONA ecosystem will develop an integrated business support system that is designed explicitly to support participating business in the adoption of KORONA blockchain based payments. This support includes:
• Korona business wallets
• Fiat payment services
• Korona merchant marketing support
• Korona commerce platform among others

Unique feature of Korona coin Ecosystem

Korona’s Ecosystem provides complete integrated bankable service packages that shall be provided jointly for both private and business customers. Users shall be provided with easy-to-use, transparent and licensed platforms that fulfill their complex needs, including among others wallet management, fast and low-cost payment technology, as well as fiat exchange. Additionally, Korona will provide its users supporting services such as taxation information support, client protection, commercial guarantees, as well as marketing and market access support.

Korona ICO is based on three main pillars effectiveness, practicability and value creation. Participation in Korona Coin ICO is quite simple as I just had to follow the available guidelines. The first step is to download the wallet-desktop app available in MAC OS and Windows and create a new Wallet. The next step is to fill the KYC registration form from your address created via Korona Wallet. Now transfer the desired Ethereum to this new Wallet and buy the required amount of Korona Coins by pressing on the Buy Korona option on the Wallet app.

The username that will store the tokens Korona will receive a number of benefits to using this platform:

  1. One of these advantages will be the reduction of transaction costs, i.e. kot token holders will pay less when buying goods than other sources using POS-terminals and various cards, such a difference can be from 1% to 4%.

  2. For Korona token holders, various discounts and promotions will also be available, which will consist of an additional benefit for the consumer and it can range from 5-20%.

  3. Korona will reward its users with free tokens for using Korona's digital system.

  4. Korona is designed to ensure the safety of its users from any fraud. While protecting not only customer transactions, but also the supply of goods.

  5. Lightning fast speed of transactions is available not only in the online store, but also in offline stores, using the Korona application from different smartphones.

Review of ICO and tokens

In total, it is planned to issue 300 000 000 Korona tokens. This number was not chosen by chance. Platform developers have determined that this amount will be enough to serve the existing base and potential new customers. Korona blockchain Fund is registered with all the legislative features of Switzerland and is subject to regular inspection and audit in Switzerland. The kot token itself is developed on the basis of Ethereum (ERC20). The price of the ICO token is 1 KOT = 0,43 USD.


The Koronacoin team is made up of well-experienced individuals from the various fields of the project. Meet the team.

For more information about this great project, kindly visit the following sites.


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Promising project with a great team. I will surely join this ICO and buy some coins

No need to waste time. Its an opportunity at your doorsteep.

Good one there. Nice project awesome initiative. It's good we are getting companies to use blockchain in all faucets of life

Take a look at it and dont miss this opportunity.

Very interesting project with clear goals, and excellent team. I hope that this project will bring new innovations to our society.

It's all about Koronacoin folks...let get on board with this project for greater success.

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