CHYNGE-World's First Payment Token with No FX Risk

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Cross-outskirt installments and settlements are moderate and costly with critical administrative obstacles. Despite the fact that banks can exchange cash for their clients quickly, they frequently benefit from holding these assets as their money 'glide'. Cross-fringe installment charges are saddled with concealed expenses from relating banks, notwithstanding the effect high administration expenses and expansive remote trade spreads. Further, always intricate and requesting administrative consistence necessities on banks drive up the expenses of doing exchanges; these are at that point passed onto their clients. The worldwide volume of cross-outskirt installments is evaluated at US $2 trn every time of which US $500bn are from transient specialists sending cash home to their families. In spite of the fact that the expenses for cash exchanges have dropped by 22% over the previous decade, the real expenses stay high at 7-8% of Gross Transaction Value (GTV)*.
The innovation accessible today including enormous information, biometrics, man-made reasoning also, machine learning, and blockchain has impelled money related innovation (FinTech) organizations to make new plans of action and new money-related items to change the manner in which we devour money related administrations. Chynge democratizes installments by influencing them moment, to free, and safe. We alleviate regulatory dangers identified with cash washing, psychological oppression financing, defilement and other budgetary violations. Our budgetary comprehensive arrangements set cash back into neighborhood networks that can be utilized for creating foundation, training, medicinal services, and social projects, to better the lives of our clients and those they adore.


Chynge Central is a decentralized programming administration to oversee cash exchanges between nations. Chynge makes cross-fringe installments that are without moment, and safely controlled by our keen consistence and blockchain. Chynge has a special multi-sided installments business, in which a substantial, shut circle installments arrange associates the two senders and beneficiaries. Like most things throughout everyday life, cash costs cash. In any case, the world is moving forward at fast speed and our life propensities are evolving. Long-remove telephone calls are free as a direct result of Skype. Short Message Service (SMS) is free in light of the fact that of WhatsApp. Music is free as a result of Spotify. Stock exchanges are free a direct result of Robinhood. Presently, cash exchanges can be free as a result of Chynge. At Chynge we profit move uninhibitedly crosswise over nations with limited administrative grinding what's more, much lower expenses that banks ordinarily charge.


The Chynge Central Alternative will Execute three Important Options:

The methodology begins with the sender setting any amount of lawful delicate on the Chynge settlement stage. The legitimate delicate is accordingly changed over into XCLP tokens that are recorded on the scattered record. The settled measure of tokens is in this way Transmitted around to the condition of the beneficiary. The tokens are then changed over to the neighborhood money of the recipient, which is consequently aggregated. The whole digitization methodology for using blockchain innovations to ease commitments will be done on the back of the machine, giving clients without a comprehension of cryptographic forms of money and its own procedures a frictionless ordeal. Particularly, the outside trade money proportion doesn't change as variances in esteem are moderated by exchanging on digital currency markets.

Chynge has opened ledger in the greater part of the objective goal markets including nearby cash, guaranteeing satisfactory liquidity to encourage exchanges. This program takes into consideration cash-flow to remain inside the states and evacuates extra time and cost when transmitting stores from country to country. This technique additionally wipes out the likelihood of cash deterioration.

Consistence helped by shrewd innovation The machine screens for some, viewpoints like tax evasion, psychological oppression financing, and other money-related violations, likewise makes a hazard score for every client, and the machine can invigorate itself with all refreshed information to make more exact choices over the long haul.

Common problem that Chynge wants to solve
Cross-border obligations and remittances are slow and expensive significantly
Even though banks can move money for their clients, Immediately, they often benefit from holding the funds as their money, the cost of cross-border payments is burdened with the hidden costs of the Bank concerned, along with high service fees and large foreign exchange. and demand compliance with regulations Demands on banks encourage fees for transactions;

Chynge reduces the danger of cash-related arrangements being put into local communities that can be used for infrastructure development, education, health care, and social applications, to improve the lives of clients and their loved ones.

TOKEN Details

Token Title: Chynge Liquidity Pool Token
Token Symbol : CLPX
Token Sort: Payment Token
Issuance Number: 3.2B CLPX
ICO Tough Cap: 560M CLPX
1 BTC : 122,745 CLPX
1 ETH : 8,995 CLPX
1 XLM : 3.8245 CLPX
1 CLPX : 0.05 USD
Crowd Sale minimal buy: 0.040735 BTC
0.555865 ETH
1,307.3605 XLM
Crowd Sale maximum buy: 3.258790 BTC
44.469150 ETH
104,588.85 XLM
Buy CLPX together: BTC/ETH/XLM

The Chynge team including Board of Advisors has a wide variety of experience comprising compliance, banking, enterprise software, analytics, marketing, legal, and working with multiple verticals including telcos, insurance, banking, airlines, and retail.

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