Indulging in Cryptocurrencies (part 3/final)

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This weekend I made the chocolate cryptocurrencies with a filling of strawberry white chocolate. It was a challenge for me because I wanted to make them better than my Steemit chocolate.


It was really challenging working with chocolate because you make a lot of mess in the kitchen and you need to be quick. I really appreciate all chocolatiers over the world. Making chocolate isn't easy. After my second try, which is making these crypto chocolate, I still feel I can do it a bit better. But they always say: practice makes perfect and these crypto chocolate are definitely looking much better than the Steemit chocolate I made before.


If you are curious how they looked:

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 20.46.39.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 20.46.56.png

I think that the crypto chocolate looks much better than the Steemit chocolate I made in the past. The reason they look much better is because I use the right silicone mold for chocolate and because I tempered the chocolate to prevent the chocolate from crystallization. I am also happy I could make my own silicone mold for the crypto chocolate.


If you look at the chocolate, you see no crystals. (Crystals are white spots on chocolate.)

You are probably curious how I made them. So I will show you how I made these delicious cryptocurrency chocolate.



Dark chocolate
1 bar of white chocolate (100 gram)
Cream ( 30 gram)
Fresh strawberries (50 gram)


I took my food processor that also is included with metal discs for grating chocolate.


So I grated the dark chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate but I know that working with dark chocolate is easier because it gets solid quicker and chocolate looks much nicer using dark chocolate.


After the chocolate is grated I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I stir it and put it again in the microwave for 20 seconds and stir it again. When I see the chocolate isn't melted totally I put it again in the microwave and stir it again.


I took my self made crypto silicone mold and filled the mold with the chocolate. I filled it till the end and shake it a bit to get rid of the air bubbles. I think I should shake it more because you still see some air bubbles. Then I put the silicone mold upside down to remove the chocolate and leaving only chocolate at the sides and the surface of the silicone mold. Then I put it in the refrigerator and let it chill for 5 minutes or longer.

The filling


I cut the strawberries In pieces and cooked them (low) until they are soft.




Here I grated the white chocolate. I used the wrong side of the metal grating disc, so the pieces are bigger. I never used these metal grating discs before. I melted the white chocolate for 30 seconds -1 minute and added the cream and the strawberry puree.

Then I put it in a plastic container, closed it and let it chill for 20 minutes in the fridge. Once it is chilled I take my food processor and use the dough mixers for mixing the strawberry white chocolate.


I take a zip lock bag, poured the mix inside and cut the end of the zip lock bag.



I filled the silicone mold holes with the filling.


With a spatula I removed all excess chocolate. (It still looks very messy as it is all new to me). Then I shake the silicone mold to get rid of air bubbles and let it chill in the fridge.


This is how it looks after it is chilled. So messy everything hahaha.


The chocolate came out easily out of the silicone mold! That was the moment I was worried about!


There are still some air bubbles visible which annoys me :-D. At least I know now what I can do better to improve.


I have to say that Ethereum and Dash look the best from all. But I only ate the Steem chocolate ;-).




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What a cool idea!

I believe these chocolates will make cryptocurrencies go mainstream like nothing else so far. :-)

Would be awesome if they all had different fillings.

Steem = vanilla
Bitcoin = orange
EOS = walnut
Eth = cocoa
DASH = blueberry


Thank you! yeah, the idea was to make it with 5 flavours, but I was already tired to make 1 filling, so decided to stay with 1 flavour....

I like chocolate very much @fathin-shihab.

Awesome ! Do you sell silicone molds ? I would definitely be interested in buying that for various occasions and gifts.


thank you!. I wasn't thinking of selling it. But if somebody wants to buy it, I can sell it for 25 STEEM. :-)

We love chocolate!

I usually don't ask for things, but can I please have some @fathin-shihab??? LOL :) The steemit chocolate you made before looked good. But I have to say the chocolate cryptocurrencies look amazing. They look so sophisticated! It is delightful to see them. I like the cryptocurrencies box too.
What a great project. They really make a great gift.
Congratulations @fathin-shihab, job well done!


hahaha! there are already digested :-D. Yes, the crypto chocolate look so much better. `Without the box it would probably a bit too simple. thanks @diamondinform!

Really cool. It is not the kind of 3dprint-based casting I usually make but I guess a lot of the techniques are similar, except i use molten metal and you use molten chocolate :-)


Thank you @ evilhippie!hehehe, yes they are both molten. Yours is molten on a much higher temperature so quite dangerous I think? You have a very unique hobby ;-). Hope to see more from your molten metal :-). Maybe you can make crypto coins and spray them gold? :-D

The chocolates look delicious! The Steem hearts are beautiful!

Yea you need to sell them!!!


hahaha! @alao, the chocolates are digested already ;-D. Maybe I can sell the box and the silicone mold. :-)

That just loooks amazing ! And the combinations of chocolate with white chocolate strawberry filling must taste like heaven !


Thank you @dandesign86! Yes, they taste good! I wanted to make 5 different flavours of fillings, but time was really flying and I was already tired with 1 filling! Maybe another time I will make with 5 different flavours.


I think you already put in a lot of effort ! It's going to be hard to eat them when you spent so much time making them. Maybe if the kids behave extra well they can get some hehe


hahaha! thanks!Yes, usually when you make food, you don't have appetite to eat your own prepared food. The kids don't like dark chocolate. Next time I will make it with milk chocolate. :-)

Is there anything you can't make lol...


LOL! there are many things I cannot make: cars, airplanes, apps, houses :-D. Thanks @opinizeunltd



Words would fall short to describe the beauty today hahah :D its stunning and more importantly delicious


Awwww... Thank you dear @blazing :-). Yes the taste is the most important at the end.

Terima kasih kak ide nya, semoga saya juga bisa buat gtu😊

People this is a true artist... I can see that. I have never been an artist in the kitchen and I think those that devote themselves to it are some of my favourite people. I have the patience when drawing or painting, but not in the kitchen. Beautiful!


Thank you very much for the nice words @granblock :-). I wish I was good in drawing/painting. I would paint chocolate :-D. Thanks again an have a nice day!

Ohhhh myyy!!! I want to taste that, especially one will the STEEMIT design, i need to have STEEMIT in my blood, i m salivating... i want that!!! Jezz, weldone ma'am @fat-shihab, weldone


hahaha! thank you @meemee :-).

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It sure was worth the mess ;)
They are indeed looking delicious and I am sure they are yummy ;)

those chocolates are very costly each worth $$$$


awww, that would be an amazing feeling :-D

Wow. Looks awesome. How did it taste?

For the air bubbles -if you didn't try this already- maybe you could pour the chocolate in layers. Try tapping out the air bubbles for each poured layer.

Also... How did you make the mold? Do you have a post about it?


Thank you. you can check my previous two posts how I made the mold.


Yeah, I found it after I made this comment. Awesome stuff. I wanna try making a silicone mold for various form making, your previous posts will come in handy.

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Yum! You forgot ripple though!


too many coins hhahaa





but really, those looks sooooo yummy XO


Yes they do. Thank you! :-)

Cheak my blog about cryptocurrencies

@fathin-shihab It's fun ... And the main thing is the inteesque method), you can even do it for someone who knows about crypto-currencies. An interesting idea) it seems to me, even for business, she would have approached. I would buy myself a pair of pechenyushek these)

amazing idea with chocolate crypto coin
lol :D

yummy!! I love to eat chocolate. I want to make chocolate. Thank you so much for making chocolate.

thanks i have no idea about what im doing so Im going to follow you !

they look appetizing ♥

they are definitely delicious!