Vertpig - the cheapest way to move bitcoin from exchanges

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In case you aren't alerady aware, Vertpig is a Vertcoin centric exchange that launched a few months ago, before having to close down due to some regulatory issues.

It was originally intended to host GBP/VTC pairings as it's main drawcard, but unfortunately, that plan had to be scrapped. They've now gone with EUR/VTC instead, and they've been back up and running for a week or so now and seem to have more volume than they had in their first carnation - when the lack of volume on the exchange caused them problems.

Now however it's a very usable exchange, and it has a nice UI.

The fees are very cheap:


no fee on selling, and only 0.25% on buying, and only 0.00015BTC for withdrawal.

Today i was playing around with Nicehash, trying to buy some hash power, and that requires me to send some BTC to them. I only have small amounts of BTC still living on bittrex, and i only want to send a very small amount to Nicehash to play with and see if it's worth it. If I had have just withdrawn my BTC, the fee would have been 0.0005BTC, which kind of defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.

Instead, I transferred some VTC from Bittrex to Vertpig, the fee for that is only 0.02VTC. Then use Vertpig to swap VTC for BTC and then I can get the BTC off vertpig for less than a 3rd of what I was going to have to pay on Bittrex.

Given the exorbinant fees that most exchanges are charging these days for BTC withdrawals, I don't know why more people don't do this kind of stuff - especially for people that are trying to use EUR to buy their choice of crypto. If for no other reason than to use VTC as a vehicle to get to your ultimate destination, I really don't see how you can go wrong.

They also offer a LTC/VTC pairing.

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Good info. Didn't knew about them. I'll check them out!

If it really heppnd "Then use Vertpig to swap VTC for BTC and then I can get the BTC off vertpig for less than a 3rd of what I was going to have to pay on Bittrex" then vertpig is cool

There’s a Nemcoin exchange as well. Not sure if they are cheap. Bancor has the coolest exchange - you can sign up using messenger or telegram. Only issue is it’s expensive. But they have some nice coins ...I’ll check out vert. I’m really really eagerly waiting for ethos wallet. The wait is frustrating. Hope you have signed up for it