OCD is not an Altcoin

When I was a kid, we used to play the alphabet game when we were driving places. The first one to find all the letters of the alphabet won. We relied on the honor system, of course, scanning every possible billboard or advertisement lining the freeways. I suppose it made time pass and sharpened our reading skills at the same time. Q was the hardest letter - your only real chance of finding one was on license plates.

As a parent, I too encouraged this past time with my kids. When you have a lemon, meaning a long car ride or unbearable traffic, make lemonade!

But they grew up and stopped caring.

Perhaps my childhood obsession with letter searching never really went away. Now I play my own version of the alphabet game.

The rules changed along with the times. Instead of completing an A to Z search, what if my search had a deeper meaning?

Might not the "random" placement of letters on license plates actually be altcoins in disguise?

Think about it. My own car in California sports GLM between seemingly arbitrary numbers. (Satoshis, perhaps? The cost of a coin on any given day?)

All I know is that I can't unsee these potential coins when I drive. They are everywhere.

The car in front of me. SLS. I know that is a coin. Salus. Aha!

The search intensifies. My imagination goes into high gear with the ridiculous number of cars packed around me as we all head absolutely nowhere on the 405.

Is FUK a coin? After three hours of rush hour at noon it ought to be.

Watch. Pretty soon you will also read license plates in a whole new light. We are at the dawn of a new era. Cryptocurrency letter combination possibilities are endless.

You never know. That car in front of you that just cut you off in order to sneak his only rotten self into the carpool lane? Mark the letters on the license plate. It just might be a scammy coin dev with a personalized plate.


vintage CA plate courtesy of Hemmings Motor News

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Haha. I look forward to that time. Then there would be blockchain solutions for driving tests and I.D reg.
Jokes aside, the sheer number of coin tickers can drive one crazy. Its amazing how crypto traders remember many of them.


Yep, @infovore. I feel like I'm in a sea of letters. Ha ha! Did you eat well today? ;)

When you start dreaming about the crypto coins then you are on level @fairytalelife lol


Right on, @evanrvoss! Cheers!

but OCCD IS a rea diisorder! Obsessive Crypto Currency Disorder, im not even kidding and we ALl have it, ...Price Checking is one of the symptoms and stock brokers have had a ssimilar condition ever since the invention of the old 20s stock machins that telegrapheed stock prices

its VERy contagious, its one of the few pyschological disorders that can make you wealthy

haha but those ticker tape machines are inteesting!
"Ticker tape was used to transmit stock price information over telegraph lines from 1870 to 1970" so apparently we have had the internet since the 1870s! if you went back in time you could still send bitcoin transactions over a telegraph wire hahaha


I knew it! An affliction for sure. :) I'm glad I'm not alone, @ackza.

Good post indeed and point noted. Note that lots of shit coins out there and crypto is volatile see https://steemit.com/steem/@charles1/the-fears-in-crypto-currencies-etherium-plunge

crypto sace is very profitable however invest smart and continue steeming...powering up too


Slogan. "FUK Bitcoin"


T-shirt? :)


too good lol

I would definitely pump FUK coin. HHAHAHAHA

Interesting post @fairytalelife
Message decoded!

Followed!... and please do stay in touch

Quality & Fun post, I follow.

Haha. Good post.

Very thoughtful, Thanks for sharing.

This is such respite from so many crypto/financial/investment reports...

This is hilarious! I find myself doing this too! We're getting so involved in cryptocurrencies that it's taking over our life lol

Interesting! I love your writing!


Thanks, @alovelymess! You have some nice posts as well. :)


You're welcome!
Aw thanks so much!

very good imagination - i am following and upvoting

Very Good Post. We need more Awareness about cryptocurrencies. I upvote and followed.

Wow ! Never looked at it that way, seems surreal that those thoughts were on your mind, almost seems like you were on that smokin' pipe ( california number plate) haha but jokes aside, that seriously comes under the category of fresh perspective. We could use more of that in the world today, after all crypto-currency falls under the same category too! Cheers


Thanks, @nibzter. I have always had the strange ability/curse to see more than what may be there. But why not?


EXACTLY! - WHY NOT! keep it up and keep it coming my man, we could always use some deep thoughts , you're helping make it more tangible for those that found it intangible.


Thanks! It's still a mystery to me...we are all on a new adventure with crypto.


and i must say i'm super stoked =D


pattern recognition

New Era Morning of Cryptocurrency is calling to hit the road of good signs not at random all the time

I like your style! Cheers!


Thanks, @hebro. Who would have thought driving could be so perplexing?

What is difference between altcoin and blockchain..tell me someone

I also played that game ,nic to remember

My favorite license plate I have ever seen: "LXIX".


subtle, yet tasteful at the same time


Semoga kamu mau membantu kami yang pengguna baru

Interesting news on coindesk. Chinese company came up with a program to evaluate cryptos and their worthiness. That should be interesting.

I saw my friends dog the other day, he is basically a spitting image of the Dog from Dogecoin. DOGE FTW


That's what I'm talking about. It gets in your head and takes over. Ha ha!

will we end up with the different lane speeds approach too? up to five lanes of traffic with slow to faster lanes, different coins, different values, different access, i recently have been collecting/investing i guess into some different coins because of what they offer but also because in my head i have a scifi dream that i need those coins to verify my identity at the border of that country when the financial system we use is destroyed. it becomes our validation digital wallet. it's a pretty good dream compared to most tbh ;)

Haha! I think a FUK coin would actually do very well. I'd probably buy some of it. :)


I'd be the dev! ;)

Haha, good post @fairytalelife! :)

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