Episode 10 LTC and DOGE Technical Analysis

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Good afternoon everyone!

Happy Wednesday, I do hope everyone is having a fantastic day and if not, why not go smoke a little weed to help lol!

Moving on, I got my TA done today for you guys to take a watch, I did it on LTC and DOGE today. I'm a huge fan of DOGE as a novelty item to collect, spend, give away, and just have fun with. It's the first altcoin I ever owned and I truly love that meme coin!

Anyways, it appears that LTC is trading in a bit of a range after having a nice little run up testing previous resistance zones, my guess is the fork had something to do with that. Last year it was ico's now forked coins are being pumped, there's always something new. Anyways until we break that overall trend in BTC (which got its ass kicked by it yesterday lol) we're still potentially in a bear trend across the board. It's funny, its like alts are waiting right now for BTC to wake up but when it does it normally leaves Alts in the dust... Interesting times.

Anyways guys as always this is 100% subjective and if you see anything I do not by all means let me know! Thanks everyone!

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advise

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