Episode 14 ETH and XLM Technical Analysis, Sounds like Charlie Lee may be interested in NANO!

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What's up everyone!

I hope you are all having a wicked start to your week, here is your daily dose of technical analysis to help make you some money!

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice

First off for all you NANO hodlers out there it sounds like there's some good news today on Reddit!

Charlie's opinion on NANO

ETH is at a key point in the overall trend when paired with USD. Look for that to either break down or through and play it accordingly. Watch for corresponding volume to come in with the break in order to support the move. It's follow fib levels quite well so if it does break through look for key resistance up at the 61.8 extension level using the swing high to swing low.

XLM is still up near all time highs but lately it has been slowly consolidating moving ever so slightly lower. There are day trades to be had for sure, look for the general range and trade within it, if you are looking to accumulate and go for a longer term hodling position I personally would wait to see it come down a little further into those beautiful reload zones I speak so much about.

Either way I do hope you guys all have an awesome day, good luck with the trades and I shall see you next episode!

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