Newbies Video Tutorial on How To Setup and Use Coinbase To Buy BTC, ETH, or LTC

Hey Steemit!!! Long Time No Post

Shes been a while. I've been here all along lurking in the shadows being an avid reader of steemit's beautiful decently diverse range of both written and video content. Still participating in the community, where I must say steem is leaps and bounds ahead of every other community in the simple fact that everyone who is here actually uses and benefits from this tech. If you're in this community chances are exceptionally high that you benefit from actually using the cryptocurrency steem.

Steemit truly is something else.

But anyways I've talked long enough, here's the video. I hope it benefits some newbies here and on the ole world wide web in general. I'll be coming out with a new video once a week, mostly tutorials. I may dabble in some trading and personal opinion vids in the future but we shall see.

If You Enjoyed It Or Are A Fellow Gamer Check Out My BLOG

Faded Gravity

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@faded-gravity thanks for sharing this video will certainly help most newbies in the crypto space


Glad to help, I see a bunch of people asking questions on the various Facebook groups so I figure the more reliable content guiding individuals the better.

Thanks, I always appreciate the comments :-)



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