Crypto Evolution Episode #2: Uploaded Using Viewly For My First Time! In This I Demonstrate How To Move Your Crypto From Coinbase To Your Private Wallet

In this episode I demonstrate how to move your newly acquired cryptocurrency into a much more personal private wallet you control.

In this demonstration I use Ethereum and a Trezor wallet however the same principles apply when moving LTC and BTC as well.

Here is the link to the upload that was done on Viewly, which I should also add it works fantastic. Files are limited to 100mb right now (from what I read), but that's not really a bid deal from myself at the moment, truth be told I had no issues what so ever. Definitely impressed, I highly suggest for anyone doing smaller video uploads to go and check it out.

Link To Viewly Uploader <----- Check It Out!

Crypto Evolution Episode #2 Upload On Viewly

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