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Today our project got presented in AGEFI Suisse. As the article is only available in frensh we decided to provide you with a translation.

The EZYcount accounting tool wants to be financed by using the blockchain

Partner of microenterprises and freelancers, EZYcount is an online accounting software platform, specially designed for entrepreneurs who have less than 10 employees. In order to take the development to the next level, the start-up SuperVX bets on the blockchain. During the fall this year, the software company will launch a Pre-Initial Coin Offering (pre-ICO). The key: access to its programmes for life. For 30 days, between September and October, 20 million tokens will be available at a price of 0.10 franc each, in the ARDOR cryptocurrency. The hard-cap raised for the token sale is set at 2 million francs. The purchase of 15.000 tokens- for 1500 francs - will provide access to the accounting or invoice service and the purchase of 20,000 tokens- for 2000 francs - will make it possible to obtain both software programs. "In total, only 1000 licenses will be on sale. This is a unique opportunity because we will never again offer this type of a lifelong product ", describes Vivien Fuhrer, co-founder and CEO. An exploratory private sale will be held in July and August, for those who want to invest over 20,000 francs.

The AI in the spotlight

The start-up`s aim is to raise enough funds through this campaign to develop its own artificial intelligence (AI)."«Through the close contact with our customers, we have realized that freelancers don't just want to simplify their accounting duties, they would prefer to not have to do them at all. With EZYcount AI, we make life easier for the self-employed and small businesses by automating these tasks." Approximately six months after the pre- ICO has ended, the first results of the implementation of this new technology will be perceptible. Then, for another two years, the software will continue to improve until the accounting is completely automated. "Once EZYcount AI will be completed, we will launch the true ICO. The software will be available completely decentralized thanks to the Blockchain." For Vivien Fuhrer, the Token-as-a-license selling model will become commonplace. "What we do here is the future for selling software. For the publisher, the phenomenon TaaL helps to control the distribution. For the buyer, this grants a beautiful freedom with regard to purchasing and reselling of the software. I imagine that in the future there will be IT solutions like Microsoft TaaL, Oracle TaaL or Abode TaaL."

Remarkable time savings

SuperVX was founded in 2013, in Sion, by Barbara and Vivien Fuhrer, after finding that accounting at Swiss microenterprises is still done manually far too often. According to the figures of the Entrepreneur's guide, carried out by the canton of Geneva, BCGE, FER and CCIG: at least 30% of self-employed workers in Switzerland, i.e. approximately 160,000 people, still use manual accounting systems such as Excel. On average, these people spend about four hours per week for this activity. If they decide to outsource these tasks to a specialised company, the average cost per year is 5000 francs. In reaction, the start-up proposes two products: on the one hand, EZYcount which is described above and which aims to further automate the contractor accounting; and on the other hand EZYInvoice, a system to quickly and easily create billings. "No installation, no programming. In less than five minutes, your first invoice is ready to be printed or sent by email." The young entrepreneur employs nine employees and has an office in Bern since 2017.
The company can count on some strong backers, including: Genilam Valais, a support network that promotes entreprise creation and sponsorship for startups.
SuperVX is also collaborating with Banque Cantonale du Valais on technical aspects of its business, and the city of Sion’s Espace Création, where the company is based is supporting EZYcount.

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