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Binance is currently the #5 ranked exchange by volume , but is the best suited if you are looking for various coins and LOW fees (0.1%). The low fees makes a HUGE difference if you are making even just a few trades.

If you invest $10,000 into BTC, then decide to buy Ethereum at Coinbase (1.25%), the fee you would pay would be $150 at Coinbase vs $10 at Binance, if you know the power of compounding then you know how important it is to keep fees low.

Binance also supports stop and limit orders in addition to an easy to use interface. Have used Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, and BitStamp and without a doubt Binance has the most coins and lowest fees. Let me know which exchange you guys like best.

Coins you can trade on Binance

(They don't have Steem yet, but I have requested it, and the more people that request it the more likely they make it available)


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