Greg Hunter Interview: Clif High -- The New Renaissance is Occuring in the Cryptospace

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Greg Hunter interviews Clif High, predictive linguistics, about concepts in his new crypto report with some details from the report.


  • Clif's new crypto report (0:46);
  • Attacks on Trump presidency compared to attacks on Teddy Roosevelt (1:48);
  • Politics around the world (2:29);
  • Sanctions vote in U.S. Congress against Russia -- trade war (4:20);
  • Western republics -- failing (debt) states (6:25);
  • Old system dying, new system (cryptocurrencies) rising (7:00);
  • U.S. dollar versus Bitcoin -- Bitcoin at $13,800 in February 2018 -- Hyperinflation (8:00);
  • Gold and silver -- Silver taking off like it is rocket fuel next year (2018) -- Silver suppressed since U.S. Civil War (9:50);
  • Gold and silver as money have been supplanted by cryptocurrencies -- by 2022 their will huge demand for silver (13:00);
  • Cryptocurrencies -- Bitcoin ETF a scam -- Bitcoin volatility (20:00);
  • Silver based crypto -- focused on industrial use of silver (24:00);
  • Scientific breakthroughs on the horizon, early 2020's, based on energy manipulation (28:15);
  • Massive debt, derivative bubble (29:47);
  • Cryptospace is invisible to officialdom (32:17);
  • Speed of Bitcoin -- speed of transactions (34:44);
  • Crash in the U.S. dollar based system -- "We are crashing now... in the form of crack-up-boom" (40:50);
  • Possibility of War -- "a lot of minor ones but no major ones" (44:00);
  • Censorship -- down turn in ad revenue -- mainstream media dying (48:00);
  • and more..

59 minute video by Greg Hunter published 5 August 2017

ALTA (webbot) Reports are available for purchase from Clif's website, Half Past Human for a modest price.


Greg Hunter's YouTube channel: USAWatchDog
USA Watchdog website USA Watchdog
USA Watchdog on SteemIt: @usawatchdog

I am not affiliated with the USAWatchDog, other than being a fan and avid follower of Greg's work.
The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of the USAWatchDog, give Greg's work a wider audience, and direct traffic to his YouTube channel.

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Just watching! Amazing that I never saw him on youtube, thanks a lot for the link to him!

Thank you mr. @etcmike this is an interesting post, you are one of my inspirational writers, mr. @etcmike may be a writer who inspired many people.

Thanks for posting this @etcmike.👌

Smoooth... Very worthwhile, thanks.

They keep calling Bitcoin slow, it's just a lie. Anyway, $13,800 would be nice. $13,800 would be really nice.

That is Clif's webbot prediction for February 2018. We shall see! And yes, it will be nice!

Have a great week!
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i like to listen to Clif. Greg and Clif is a dream team. thx @etcmike!

etcmike I love how you broke down the video in what it is talking about in the time he is talking about it thanks

Thank you! As a statistics fan I enjoy your blog posts and greatly appreciate your support.

I will continue to look for ways add values to the YouTube videos I share with the SteemIt community.

Have a great week!
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