Will the value of upvotes increase because of hardfork 19?

in cryptocurrency •  last year

This realisation hit me. Currently, you can do 40 full-strength upvotes before they go down in power and value. After the upcoming hardfork, that has been reduced to 10 votes starting at 100%, or 20 votes at 50%, 40 votes at 25%, and so on.

The crux, however: the amount of Steem that is created per day doesn't change, so the distribution value doesn't change either. Seeing as the amount of possible upvotes at full-strength is reduced by factor 4, does that mean our upvotes will get approximately 4 times the value they are now?

Please share your thoughts!

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Yeah it's kind of like allowing super votes that are more powerful for people who don't vote often.

I'read somebody saying that under commments in one of my posts.

Great point, started following you, follow back :)


Ik ben Nederlands btw, zie nu pas dat jij dat ook bent ;)