The $1,000 Dash Wim Hof Icebath Challenge!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Wim Hof is a man who has inspired many to challenge the belief that the cold is our enemy. In fact, Wim Hof has turned the cold into his friend, ally and sparring partner over the course of many years, and has shown that everybody has the capability to boost his immune system through a combination of meditation, breathing techniques and cold submersion. For more details, see the video below.

Concerning crypto, I am very confident that Dash will break through because of its speed (7 seconds standard, <1 second instant-send), privacy options, masternode system, low supply, and its very own PR and development team, topped off with the charming front-girl Amanda B Johnson.

In fact, I believe so strongly in Dash, that I want to challenge myself publicly. I believe that the value of 1 Dash will have reached $1,000 dollars by the end of this year. And here is the deal:

If Dash has reached $1,000 by the turn of this year, then for every $1 of upvotes you put into this article I will submerge myself Wim Hof style into an icebath for 3 seconds.

I might actually have proposed the opposite: "If Dash doesn't reach $1,000 by..., then...", but that'll leave everyone hoping for Dash not to reach that value, to see me submerge myself. But that is negative magic, negative affirmation. I want you to believe and hope with me that Dash will do that surge, so here goes! Upvote if you accept my challenge!

If someone could resteem by 01/01/18, much obliged.

If, for reasons of safety, the challenge is executed but stopped ahead of the challenge time because of possible hypothermia, then I will refund and distribute the remainder of dollars (in Steem) evenly amongst all upvoters.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we now have three contestants! TheDanzel wil go on the rocks at Dash under $1,000 by 1 Jan 2018, and FreyrTruthSeeker and I will do the very same if Dash is above $1,000 by then!
At 3 seconds per dollar, it's currently rounded off to 9 seconds! It's a breeze guys, make it more!


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Haha! Man, challenge accepted. I will do an ice bath when it does not reach $1000,-


Excellent! :D Either way, one of us will bite the dust... :P


Guys, I cannot stand and watch while you're doing that. Challenge accepted!!

P.s. Can sit in the middle of you guys?

Nice one !


Cheers! I might regret it... zero degrees is cold....

Nice challenge 👍

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He I am a Hoffer also and currently taking the 10 week course again.

Just found your post through someone commentig on my Wim Hof journey.

Resteemed to try to get some more minutes for you ;-)


Much obliged my man! :D Breathe on! Face the cold!

This men are crazy and very healthy ! Great post! Followed and upvoted your post ;)

Eric, i hope Dash will get to the level you mention ! This will keep you warm !