Token Holder Education: The EOS Glossary

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One of the biggest pitfalls in communication is language. When we speak a common language, we communicate more effectively.

If we are going to drive adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and turn this movement around from the rampant negativity and speculation we see in the markets, we need to shift our dialogue toward execution.

It's about more than tokens.

We in the west often forget that EOS has the potential to be transformative in the developing world.

Some of the best and brightest engineers and entrepreneurs ever seen in the cryptosphere have emerged to take part in a global consensus the likes this world has never seen before.

In the spirit of finding a common language we wanted to provide a resource for the community to pull from when asked about this emerging technology.

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Excellent work my friends. EOS is an amazing piece of land. I got a tiny house but I'm sure gonna enjoy living in this network and its a whole lot better with solid BP'S like yourselves. Love eos, love you guys too. Upvote

Yes opening peoples ability to create a source of income
Just by posting a topic is amazing or photos looking forward to the next phase.
life of freedom thank you big up vote for me
A big thank you from me.
Freeing up my life and time for yourself to enjoy and give back to the community

Very nice! It can definitely be confusing even for people who have been in the space for some time not to metion newcomers, specially the new ones introduced by eosio! Good job

Great work!!!
I hope that you keep it coming!!

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