How to Register Your EOS Tokens

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As the time approaches for the launch of the EOS blockchain, many token holders still have their tokens on exchanges. The best idea to ensure your EOS tokens will be associated with an EOS key pair is to register your tokens with your own keys.

Below we will take you through the proper steps to register your EOS tokens before the June 1st deadline. You will need to add some Ethereum in addition to moving your EOS holdings to your private wallet.


We will walk over the steps of doing it yourself using Binance exchange with MetMask wallet.

1. First install MetaMask wallet

You can follow the instructions on the metamask website

2. Add EOS tokens support to the MetaMask wallet

Click ADD TOKEN button:


3. Fill the form with the proper information:


4. You will see EOS tokens under the tokens tab

You will know you got it right if you see EOS black logo right next to the tokens. As you can see on screenshot I got it wrong first time using EOS smart contract address first used for distribution that ends in ccf. As long as you use EOS Holder address I listed in previous step - you will be OK.


5. Aquire your Ethereum address

Get your Ethereum address from your wallet by right clicking on the button to the right of your account name and copy your address to your clipboard.


6. Withdraw your tokens from the exchange

Withdraw your EOS tokens to your MetaMask Ethereum wallet address. Depending of Ethereum network transaction time and load - you should see those tokens appear in your MetaMask account - like in picture above.

7. Generate a key pair

Next you need to register your EOS tokens by associating your Ethereum address with a new EOS key pair. Hence you need to generate new EOS key pair first.

The easiest way to do this is to use EOSjs web interface:

Click “Generate EOS key” button and then save your key pair in secure location. Keep in mind that generation done in your browser and never sent or loaded over the Internet.

<For more technical and security aware folks - you can download the EOS node software, compile, run, and generate your own key pair from the command line. We will not go through that process here but documentation for that process is easy to find.

8. Go to MyEtherWallet contracts web interface

MEW Contracts Page

Select EOS Contribution contract and click Access button:


9. Select the register function

You should see following form appear below after selecting register in drop down:


10. Associate your generated key and write the transaction to the network

Follow step #2 by unlocking your wallet and entering EOS public key you generated in step #7 and click Write button. (Make sure your have enough ETH to cover fees)


11. Confirm writing new transaction by clicking “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction”


12. Submit your newly generated transaction


13. Success

At this point you successfully registered your EOS tokens and associated your Ethereum address with EOS key pair you generated. You will need to keep your EOS tokens in this wallet for the remainder of the crowdsale.


14. Verify Transaction

Click on the last transaction to see if it completed successfully


15. Verifying with the EOS Contribution contract

Finally you can verify that registration completed successfully by switching the dropdown on the EOS smart contract to “keys” and pasting your ETH address and click “READ” button. You should get your public EOS key back


Congratulations, you successfully registered your EOS tokens!

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We have developed this howto guide based on confusion and frequent questions we received from users at EOS Meetups. The above steps should work for all users regardless of geographic location.

isn't it easier to buy at bitfinex and just leave 'em where they are? ^^

You cannot insure that Bitfinex will honor other airdrops in association with your EOS token holdings. For instance, eosDAC airdropped tokens to all EOS holders as a way to make everyone who invested in EOS a voting interest in their Block Producer.

thanks. good one. I may reconsider leaving them there

Consider that there may be several EOS blockchains launched and you have a stake in each one. Do you want exchange to determine which coins you get or don't get?
The only way to be 100% sure is to keep it in your private wallet.

Great post @sf2 & @eluzgin ! Thanks for putting this together for the community!

The absolute easiest way to register your EOS wallet is by using the Exodus Desktop Wallet. It has a One Click feature that automatically registers your EOS address . This ensures you are set for the mainnet launch and Air Drops.

This is perfect, thanks, guys! I didn't want to miss any airdrops and this helped me avoid FOMO.

Thanks for the snapshots, I am really visual and this helped me register my tokens quickly.

Thank you for clarifying about this, I know a lot of people had questions about how to do this that you answered here. Props.

Did this except step 7 & 8 through Metamask only and not MEW, same thing yeah? Seems pretty much the same..
I transferred my coins to Metamask and they are there until after the swap, anyone else so that process wirhout MEW?

Yes you should be fine, there are different ways to accomplish the same end goal, which is to have your newly generated EOS key pair associated with your Ether wallet address where you store your tokens.
As long as you can complete step #15 and get your EOS public key back - you are all set!

Thanks Eluzgin, pretty sure I did that..
Apparently Binance were doing the swap as well, however only have a very small amount on there and rest on metamask- don't trust the exchanges that much..

& looking back I have a public and private key laminated on paper safely kept somewhere.. so hoping that's it.
Dont know how to claim afterwards or transfer from Metamask somewhere but if a chance that would be a helpful post that should get a lot of upvotes :)

nice work. Good tutorial. Thanks for putting the time in to do it.

good job sreading the word!

Wow not exactly easy peasy 123 lol - good thing EOS community is so helpful and responsive to requests/troubleshooting! Best of luck with the mainnet launch, very exciting!

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