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The EOS mainnet launch is days away and we couldn't be more excited! Lot's of people who are new to EOS commonly ask us "so what DApps are on EOS?".

There are a plethora of decentralized applications (dapps) ready once the blockchain is established. Many of these dapps are unique and cutting-edge ideas. Large portions of the dapp tokens will be airdropped to EOS token holders!

These dapps will change the world and be the first test of the EOS blockchain. Two notable dapps are Scatter and Chintai. Scatter is a decentralized reputation system with aims of establishing user and application reputation. Chintai is a community based, EOS token-leasing platform for new dapp developers.

We created an EOS dapp ecosystem infographic to help you better visualize the DApps that are already popping up before main net launch, with even more on the way. Following the infographic we included a short summary of the dapps and links to the projects. Enjoy!


Infographic by @raleighfelton

List of EOS dApps


A dapp that enables users to collaborate on missions to better society. Goal is to bring peace, prosperity, and abundance.


A fair, reliable, and transparent platform to play and bet for tokens. Specifically built towards the video games industry.

Billionaire Token

Decentralized games on the blockchain such as raffle & burner, dice, and hold’em. The token is deflationary and tokens will be burned every week during the raffle.

Cards & Tokens

Collectible digital card platform where users can upload their content and make money.


Decentralized, open-source educational platform for software developers. Tokens are used to take new challenges to grow your skill set.


A blockchain asset trading platform focused on EOS projects.


A global, decentralized EOS token leasing platform.Allows EOS token holders to generate income through token leasing to dapp developers.

DEOS Games

A zero house edge, gambling platform.


A music-technology platform for collaboration among artists. Powered with smart-contracts, emanate allows artists to monetize their collaborations.


A gambling system where investors can back the house and earn dividends.


A decentralized e-commerce platform that allows EOS based cryptocurrency and crypto-assets to be spent.


The world’s first high performance decentralized exchange built by Bitfinex.

EOS Gems

A collectible gem game on the EOS blockchain.


Next generation encyclopedia forked from Wikipedia but built for the modern age.


Decentralized, global payroll portal that allows companies to exchange private, encrypted data with international payroll vendors.


One stop hiring shop where employers can advertise job openings for free, crowdsource candidates, communicate, hire, and pay in-app all from one platform.

Insights Network

Blockchain-based data exchange where users monetize their data.


KARMA is designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive KARMA for helping out mankind.


Decentralized medical data where patients have control over who can access it and can take it with them.

Lab Ledger

A social media, crowdfunding website for scientists.


Point of sale (POS) system that allows companies accept major cryptocurrencies.

Oracle Chain

Linking blockchain technology services with real-life scenarios.


An open-source, decentralized social network which rewards content creators.


A data-driven, decentralized mobile game advertising platform.


A wallet for keeping identities and keys safe. The blockchain portion of the project is a reputation and identity layer for building trust in applications and users.


Decentralized human information marketplace.


An open protocol to build truly decentralized peer-to-peer marketplaces.


A player founded, free-to-play, low graphics, highly immersive, turn based, science fiction MMO built on the EOS blockchain.


Smart digital wallet with EOS support.


First EOS based decentralized exchange.

Trade Stuff

An efficient, decentralized barter ecosystem built on the EOS blockchain.


Decentralized advertising economy that pays viewers. Aimed at incentivizing viewers to watch ads where everyone wins.


The world’s first blockchain powered cyber thread solution.


Decentralized digital collectables.

Zimbra X

The next generation of the Zimbra email and collaboration platform.

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Very useful information. Thanks @eostribe

Hi @eostribe,

Really enjoyed your article about EOS's ecosystem, love to see this community grow every day!

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I love it! How often do you intend to update this?

Hey Janicz, as long as dApps are being built we are planning on making these. They might just have a different approach, like based on industries. It will get too large at some point ;) Hope you enjoy!

Great post Tribe, but you forgot our dapp :/

Sorry about that @ceezdeez We will include it!

Great infographic of the dApps being built so far. Looking forward to more of these posts!

What a great post is! :D Thanks for ur useful infographic!

Great post guys!

Can you add us on the list,we are UnlimitedIP, a Dapp focusing on Copyright protection and trade. we are also the one of the very first projects to announce using EOS.

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