Congratulations EOS is Born!

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We Are Live!

As of 2018-06-14 at 18:41:14 UTC the minimum voting requirement of 150MM tokens was reached! The first block was produced by EOS SW/EDEN. This is a big moment in history, everyone should be proud.

Although we were not fortunate enough to be in that top 21, we couldn't be more excited and supportive for those who were.

We see this as just the beginning of a long journey for all of us who care so much about this community and a major milestone for the larger blockchain and cryptocurrency movement.


It was not solely a block producer effort, it took the entire global community that is EOS to make this happen, and we should all be proud, we are all the founders of a new nation! But let’s not get complacent , this is where the work really starts.

Congratulations to the First 21 Block Producers


Let's take a moment to acknowledge the very first 21 block producers, they are of course the first caretakers of our baby, EOS.

  1. EOS Canada
  2. EOS Authority
  3. EOS DAC
  4. EOS New York
  5. EOS Cafe
  6. EOS Cannon
  7. EOS42
  8. EOS Liquid
  9. Bitfinex(leaving soon)
  10. EOS Hubi
  11. EOS Gravity
  12. Cypherglass
  13. Argentina
  14. EOS Rio
  15. EOSys
  17. EOS Beijing
  18. EOSeoul
  19. Meet.One
  20. EOS Store
  21. EOS Asia

It Doesn’t Stop Here

There have been some misconceptions on voting that we want to take a quick moment to clarify. Voting never ends! The way the DPoS utilizes a perpetual election, or you may have heard it as a “liquid democracy”. Token holders have the choice to stake and vote again at anytime they wish, these votes will continuously chose the top 21 Block Producers.

The benefits of this “liquid democracy” is that all the Block Producers remain constantly accountable to the token holders, and need to make sure that their values and goals are in line with the interests of the greater community. There is no room for broken promises.

So Remember Your Vote Always Matters!

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@eostribe So happy to see this block chain off the ground.

Congratulations! When will we be able to set up accounts for a wallets?

You have been able to do this for a while now, try Scatter for a web wallet.

Good news and beautifully designed logo! Congratulation!
Where is EOS Europe ?

I'm out of the loop. Is there a EOS platform yet?

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