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EOS Governance is part of my daily activities since EOS Nation submitted its candidacy for Block Producer earlier this year. Having personally been at the very public center of the discussions taking place regarding the constitution, the upcoming referendum tool and dispute resolution / arbitration at the base layer — I can say with confidence that my knowledge of the subject is extensive, and that EOS Nation’s position is often quoted in this regard.

After spending countless hours speaking with the community, Block Producers, developers, investors, and other stakeholders; doing interviews, participating in live-streams and doing research on the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) / Arbitration / Dispute Resolution / Base layer VS dApp layer, my thinking is shifting.

This extensive environmental scan has convinced me that I can no longer be confident that the current design and plan of what is known as ECAF is what is best for the long-term health and growth of the EOS ecosystem and that there are other innovative ways of securing property which should be explored and given consideration.

As it stands, I do not believe the current ECAF / constitution parameters are attainable, sustainable and scalable. For the overall vision of protection of property to succeed, it is my opinion that ECAF must consider stepping down so that the free market can work its magic by having another organization step in and propose themselves, propose revised Rules of Dispute Resolution and a revised framework to work within if chosen by the EOS token holders through a formal referendum; entirely realizing it is possible this system is not ready for such an entity or that no entity is ready for such responsibilities.

While I continue to believe ECAF’s goals are noble, it is my opinion that attaining these goals are not realizable under the current conditions, and I lean towards believing the conditions required to attain such goals are no longer achievable.

The lack of continued adequate communication and a transparent, concrete road-map and business plan from ECAF, in conjunction with an ever-growing lack of confidence from the community in getting any modifications to the constitution passed in the next six months is indicative that this overall system is not ready to take its place at the center of this Governed Blockchain.

Having said this, I commend the tremendous amount of dedication shown by those who have been working night and day to bring ECAF to where it is today. What we have learned over the course of the past months has been incredibly valuable and it is my wish to ensure these lessons are not lost and their work was not in vain.

The EOS Nation community has been voicing their lack of confidence and this voice is getting stronger day by day. It is my opinion that continuing down this path at this time is doing more harm than good, and that until a better proposal is presented we should carefully consider the long-term negative effects of pursuing this goal.

Delegated Proof of Stake is designed in such a way for Block Producers to be nimble and shift their positions based on community feedback, and EOS Nation has time and time again shown that community feedback is at the core of how and why we do what we do.

We are accountable to the EOS Nation community and it is with humility and respect that we adapt and change our thinking.

I ask you all to take a step back and rethink how we can attract small businesses and create a favorable environment where transactional confidence and certainty is the norm, not the exception. I encourage thought leaders to step up and fill the void that is currently permeating our Governed Blockchain.

Effective immediately, it is therefore my position that this system is not ready and mature enough to deliver on its intended dispute resolution / arbitration results, and in good conscience and for the good of the EOS Nation community, I can no longer continue my formal support of ECAF as it stands.

Yves La Rose
EOS Nation Co-Founder and CEO


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