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The EOS Dallas Meetup was ecstatic to have Thomas Cox out this month to share his insights about EOS and the future of blockchain technology.

The group was highly engaged during the entire meetup and really enjoyed the talk. Here are a few testimonials from attendees for your viewing pleasure...

Attendee Testimonials

We managed to get some decent video of the event as well.

You can view those here...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Huge thanks go out to Thomas B. Cox for coming out to speak on his own time and dime. Special thanks to @a3t for all her hard work helping with the event and WeWork Legacy West for hosting us.


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Thank you very much! This was a really fun and informative Meetup. Typical blockchain/crypto Meetups may have turned into happy hours discussing ALT coins and what people should do next. However, the @EOSDallas Meetups are more of a ThinkTank gathering. I am really excited to be included in the growth of this group and even more ecstatic about the upcoming events this summer. Thanks again @s2f, @eosdallas, and @thomasbcox!

Very useful article

Hello, EOS Dallas
EOSYS team clipped this post for providing 'kr' community
thank you for good informations ^^

Where is that located?

We have been posting

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    By eosys name :)

And at this week, will start upload at eosgo forum at 'korean' section also. ^^

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