The Three Types of Crypto's - The Future Of Crypto Currency

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The future of crypto is divided into 3 tracks, you have your platform based, currency based and then there is Applications based cryptos (apps/Dapp's)

Your platform based cryptos are things like Ethereum, OmiesGo, NEO and Stratis. This are full blockchain technologies that have their own rule set's. Which can have other technologies built upon them.'

Currency based platforms are stores of value and a way to make transactions. Coins like Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, and Monero are examples of currency based crypto's.

Application based cryptos provide individual solutions to problems. For example Tenx. They offer a credit card, that you can load crypto currencies on and use the Tenx Card to pay for things. This actually solves a problem. PIVX is another great example of something that provides a solution to a problem. The name even tells you what its for Private Instant Verified Transaction.

Right now the big movers are the platform based Crypto. If you have a look at them, they are the ones that could potentially skyrocket your investment. Lets take a look at it this way, if xyz company comes along and just makes this amazing super product that solves and problem and it runs off the NEO platform, then of course NEO in theory will increase as well. So as more solutions come out, its a safe bet that Platform based cryptos can deliver your best return on investment.

The currency and Application based cryptos should not be overlooks, i am not imply or stating to go all in on Platform based cryptos, just know that there are 3 different types of crypto currencies. When you are looking at something new coming out make sure you know which category it falls into and is there something else out there that already does the same thing. If there is, then does this new crypto provide something different? is it an apparent improvement?

This is why research is key to picking cryptos for long term investments.

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Will it be the future of the investors? We hope so and wait.

Security tokens are coming

i need to look into this, got any names off the top of your head?

Good article. I think it's wise to go heavy into Platform / Infrastructure tokens.....then play around based on research.

I agree, Thanks for the comment much appreciated

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Good Article! I usually divide your "Application Based crypto" in "Promising/Innovative segment" (IOTA, Railblocks), "Privacy Segment" (Verge, Pivx, Zcash) & "Enterprise Blockchain solutions segment" (VeChain, Walton, WABI).