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Honestly I dislike day trading against BTC because the discrete decimal values could get me twisted but sometimes you need to take a risk


For fellow crypto enthusiastic people who HODL Binance coin BNB or day trade(BNB) against USDT. Take your own survey on the RSI and EMA chart of BNB/USDT, it seems the bumpy rides can take us into the next figures. I wouldn't make the call to tether the value yet. I will HODL and await the signal on BOLL chart before I make the CALL

Now for BNB/BTC trade, From the charts I observe that BTC is just gonna be bearish a lil while against BNB and a smart trader will make a move. The ones who made the previous call have gained some figures.
If you can observe the BOLL chart of BNB/BTC. You will figure out something you need to see. I cannot advice you, you are the only one who knows how smart you are.

Looking at the image below what advice will you give a day traders
(A) Call😋
(B) Hodl😎
(C) buy more?😊
There is something I need to show you on the STEEM chart too, maybe on my next post.

Please do not take this post as a financial advice.

Trade safe, dealing with cryptos could be a pure gamble sometimes. Day trader take small bite and make the move but investors HODL for the entire project to realize.

cryptocurrency trading not for heart patients and not for those unwilling to take the risk.

Sometimes it is good to observe the charts, invest big in the deep. HODl long and trade the BULL peak. Be smart, watch out!

Its clear that after every pump there will be dump.

One only has to be smart, tether the value sometimes when you get the greenlight signal

Hold our cryptos is the best way to be a successful trader and investor. I appreciate your great explanation.

I followed and up votes you. please followback @huanmv

With all the due respect, I'll suggest you start using the grammarly app.
In the topic, there is "y" missing in the word crptos. Kindly check it.

Dislike not dislike.
Honestly, i ain't a crypto guy so i wouldnt know which coin to hold or sell, but i see your blog as a easy way to catch up on what's happening in the crypto world, as i can't decipher anything there. Lol.

According, trade on "Binance"

Set up an account on Binance
Enable 2FA
Deposit Cryptocurrency of choice (I recommend Bitcoin)
Trade alt coins of choice using “Basic Exchange” function

Indeed brother.Quantitative analysis is the best, you get the true value of something.

True brother, @times one just have to take risk and expect positive outcome. Superb analysis bro

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