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Welcome to Coin Joust!


Let’s Coin Joust begins! A few words on topic what is Coin Joust. Coin Joust is a simple free bet game which primary main is to have fun with it and to see how good you are in crypto currency predictions. Jousting is a martial game of hastilude between two horsemen wielding lances with blunted tips often as part of a tournament. Keeping the spirit of one on one rivalry it will be very interesting to compare two different crypto currencies on a time line. Everyone can open a joust anytime. It is just a simple question but presented with spirit to test your crypto prediction mind. Enjoy it!

Coin Joust Question of today 24 of may 2017 is:

Is the price gap between ETC and ETH is going to shrink or ETH will expand its domination, measured in satoshis untils the 31 of December 2017?

Current ETC price: 0.00564000 Current ETH price: 0.07891133 (based on Poloniex) at the moment of posting


Let's see how good you are :).

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of course it will getting closer to eth, up vote this commend if its reach $50 in couple of week ( noted : if btc did not goes below $2000 )


What is true - will ETC getting closer to ETH in price or you think not? :)

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