Is Elon Musk really a Genius?? Gifted or Afflicted?

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Elon Musk loves telling people how smart he is, even insinuating on “The Joe Rogan Podcast” that he may have some genetic mutation that makes his smarter than everyone else.

Well, Elon Musk has yet to succeed at anything but somehow spins every failure into proof of some imminent success. His only accomplishment has been convincing the World to keep lending him money.

In November 2017, Bloomberg reported that Tesla burns through $500,000 per hour. For two years now, Tesla has been suffering an epic talent drain, and in May, two top execs walked out the door. Tesla’s cars cost more to make than what they retail for, and the company has been running on a deficit for over a decade.

In March, a Tesla driver was killed while test-driving an autopilot Model X, the impact decimating half the car. Then in May, the NTSB announced an investigation after two teenagers were killed in a Tesla Model S after its battery caught fire following a crash. A similar accident claimed a driver two months prior, with California firefighters reporting that the Tesla battery kept reigniting days after the smash.
California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health opened its third investigation into workplace safety at Tesla Inc. in July after employee complaints. Two investigations have been ongoing since April, yet Musk took to Twitter to boast that Tesla was now building its cars in a tent.

Investor and VC Jim Chanos called Tesla a “walking insolvency” back in 2016. He doubled down in December, saying Tesla is “headed for a brick wall, and that Elon Musk is essentially operating a Ponzi scheme, and SpaceX, OpenAI, The Boring Company, and his other side projects exist as a vessel to launder money, as his main company, Tesla, is a sinking ship.

As a young man was Elon interested in aerospace engineering from a young age? Sure, and it turns out his father was an electromechanical engineer and that really got his foot in the door.
His family moved to South Africa after the Apartheid was instituted and left shortly after it was abolished, meaning his family owes their fortune to slavery. They still own a diamond mine in Zambia, by the way.
So Elon Musk was one of those wealthy trust fund boarding school type kids growing up. If you’re still wondering, that’s old money, and in this case, dirty money, and it’s the kind of money that leads a fairly average dude to convince himself that he’s a genius.



Thanks for the information.

His only accomplishment has been convincing the World to keep lending him money.

Elon Musk Owns Space-X

no one else on the planet can do that.
quite an accomplishment I'd say.

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