How to Earn Daily Income Running a XCG MasterNode!

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Today I walk you through the details of creating an XCG MasterNode that currently earns $44/day. I just set up mine and am very excited to see where this goes. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

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Hey saw you in the feed and thought i'd drop a message that back in January i watched a video talking about steem and i had created a steem account and never used it but when you mentioned it I got more interested hearing about it the second time. And I got very involved. Very very involved. haha

Fast forward to today that I jumped on a small team and created what many consider the best interface for steem. @steempeak

I also got involved in the photo community starting @photofeed

I also run my own market for a game on Steem @steemmonsters
The game isn't even playable until next month but already has a decent size volume.

So just thought i'd say thanks. It's funny how little we both knew about steem back in january. But glad you're still around. I'll be onboarding some of my famous youtuber friends soon... but for now i've told them to hold off. But steempeak is getting close so it's almost time.

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