Cryptocurrencies Are Plunging, Led By Ripple, Bitcoin | CNBC

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what owl said... also, typical day in crypto when investor guys are playing with millions like its a casino now. also how is 9 percent down plunging? its already back up to 8 percent down as I typed this., it can change wildly in no time with big money going in and out now.. also robot trading now, typical stuff.

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They might be referring to coinmarketcap website opting to omit the Korean prices from the averages. Korean prices are typically at a premium, so by taking them out, the prices drop down to a more “real” valuation. This was highly irresponsible, as it most likely triggered weak hands to panic sell.

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Mainstream media uses everything to argument that the cryptos aren't a good investment. I think the correction is creating very good opportunities, mainly #ripple

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