Crypt0's News Live

We are still waiting on YouTube's review of the video we made that was falsely flagged for inappropriate content, and our live streams are still unavailable. So once again, we will be streaming live from our alternate channel, The Crypt0 Minute. Follow the link below to get to the live stream where you can trollolol in the chat box!


YT is playing a game that it cant win....

I agree with you, once they suspend my channel for unusual and made me feel down 😞

its there site tho the outcome of this wont effect them sadly enough

Why not use dtube?

We have tried, but we weren't even able to successfully upload a video. It seems it's still not ready for heavy use.

YouTube is such a shithole now.!! and youtube offen flag content for invalid reason,

La gente de youtube son unos miserables, no van a poder con las criptomonedas.

youtube offen flag content for invalid reason, thanks for providing such crypto currency news as it helps we people and good luck for your youtube video.

Hi elle !!! IS the streaming starting at 8:30pm est.

Yeah! Give or take a few minutes, you know how it is... ;)

the hippest crypto couple in the market.

i've wondered if there could be a decentralized dating area. lol. that would be some concept. Have a nice friday guysz!

haters will hate just means your doing something they wish they could! Keep up the great work!

Youtube is going to be mad day by day.Don't worry keep your work up.My best wishes are with you.Keep it up

YouTube is such a shithole now.

I completely agree.

What's amazing???? The stream hasn't started yet!

The countdown is Amazing!! lol

Incase you are new here, I have been following these folks from before the DAO circumstance of 2016, which feels such a long time ago and feels like yesterday in the meantime.

To be busy so solid developing such a large number of adherents on these stages I am glad to see your prosperity !! Incredible stuff

Yup, I was there. That wasn't all that long ago, so it definitely feels like yesterday.

Thank you.

Flagged...pfft at least you always have DTube!

The crypto market caught the flu!
The flu has been going around here in the US and the cryptocurrency market seems to have caught it too! And now it's vomiting. Just like a person having the flu, the market also needs to wait it out - there is no real medication for this except for time. But even in this bear market - you gotta love it, the highs and the lows, it's all apart of the rush and excitement of the crypto market - it's like gambling but you know your investment will eventually be higher than it was previously at some point in the future due to the low adoption rate globally and the laws of supply and demand and cryptocurrency's deflationary nature. We're going to see some tremendous growth in the overall market cap this year and beyond and I'm so excited about it! This is why you shouldn't get discouraged with your losses, this is the time to learn about the market and really dive into the projects that you want to hodl long term. If you really believe in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you're in it for the long term. And in the long term, you will make money if you invest into solid long term projects. #rags2riches

wow...!!!! wonderful post. it's really important us @ellemarieisme . i like your Crypt0's News Live post. thanks for share the post

thanks for the vidoe
guess the market will stabilize and by then those HODling will cash in as always. i agree market is extremely volatile and usually takes the elevator down.

good post friend, I invite you to see my blog

Follow the link below to get to the live stream where you can trollolol in the chat box!

I don't see here any link.

The video is the link. Click the play button. Then click where it says "YouTube". You will be taken to the YouTube page where you can see the chat box.

YAY! Another crypto post, self-voted by someone with high steem power! Cannot get enough of these! AWESOME!!!!!

It's good to see you, man. Hope you are doing better than before.

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

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WAo, necesito probarlo

Probar que???? No empezado el video toda via.

saya dari kemarin udah coba menggunakan dtube punya steemit, meurut saya lebih baik kita menggunakan dtube dari pada youtube sekarang sudah banyak kali persyaratannya

Adsactly Bravo, Bravo!! Your post are really Mewtacular!. It inspires me to be a better me. I am learning so
much not only from the information on your post, but also about presentation and design. Thank you!

There is no information in this post! It actually has a live stream video embedded. The video has not yet begun. Try again!

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