Trust Wallet App releases it’s own TWT token, and here’s how to get some ....

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The TRUST wallet app whoever has been in the world crypto, has at least heard it’s name drop once or twice.

When you are thinking of, or when you are already using crypto, it is important that you have access to your own wallet, because storing your precious crypto on any exchange is not very safe, and i know that using off line paper wallets is not very convenient (unless you have a safe)

no matter what you do ..... Always remember this guideline

Not your keys, Not your Crypto

  • The TRUST wallet is an easy to use mobile wallet for your crypto, that does not store your personal keys, uses military grade encryption, and has the ability to hold and store most of your precious CRYPTO.


  • Adding a new coin to your The TRUST wallet is as easy as sliding a button on the touchscreen


  • The TRUST wallet is nowadays owned by Binance, and therefore they are a trustworthy party, and because the BINANCE partnership, they even have the easy ability to swap your coins, or visit the BINANCE DEX STRAIGHT FROM YOUR The TRUST wallet



  • Did you know that nowadays you can also stake with The TRUST wallet these are the coins that you can currently stake with the APR
  • The TRUST wallet Is ever expanding into the cryptoverse, and now they even have their own token ... this is what they had to say about it


  • If you do not have the The TRUST wallet All you have to do is click on one of my affiliate The TRUST wallet links and follow the instructions and we will both get a share of these TWT tokens.

  • These tokens may be not worth much now, but maybe you remember what binance’s BNB token did in just two years? Woudn’t you like to have a 100 free BNB’s in your possession or stored in your TRUST wallet


As a two year member of steemit (yaay me) i recommend that you start using The TRUST wallet RIGHT NOW!

  • And do this by using these The TRUST wallet referral links, so we get free TWT tokens once they are officially released.


AND NOW IT’s time for ...


some (Affiliate) Links of TRUSTED PARTNERS, sign up here to get nice discounts & extra’s.


Join Trust Wallet, And receive a 100 TWT the new native TRUST token)

Join Kucoin Excange and receive a trading fee discount

Join Binance Exchange and get a 5% discount on trading fees


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