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It's not secret that everybody can earn at least 600$ monthly by participating only in Airdrops and Bitcointalk bounty campaigns, spending average of two hours every day on PC. But everybody need to follow some simple rules to not lose all your hard earned money and to get successful.


  1. Never ever give up Your private key, if it is necessary empty your wallet and never use it again.
  2. Never use your daily wallet make separate for airdrops.
  3. Make e-mail specially for airdrops, never use your daily e-mail.
  4. If you need to download something specialty for airdrop, don't do it or do it on different PC what you are not using daily.
  5. Most of the airdrops are scams that's why don't spend extra money on them.
  6. Make separate twitter account, try to get as many followers as you can.
  7. Register at Bitcointalk and be active user, bigger level better bounties.
  8. Here you can follow new bounty campaigns.
  9. Follow this twitter account to get warned about newest airdrops.

#History and proof.


Everybody remembers hype about eBTC, when participants who sold at right time earned 1200$ from this Airdrop alone.


Not so popular as eBTC, but Bitcointalk full members got 2000PPT and Senior members 4000PPT now trading 25$ each what makes total of 50000$ and 100000$, what is not bad at all.

Take care.


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