EFOLIO: Bridging The Gap Between Hardware Wallets and Coin Exchanges

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Does this sound familiar?

  1. You bought some crypto on Coinbase.
  2. You made some money.
  3. You bought more crypto.
  4. You learned that your keys were stored on the Coinbase servers and you wanted to get them off.
  5. You bought a hardware wallet to store your keys.
  6. You can no longer see the value of your portfolio without plugging in your hardware wallet.
  7. You want to convert some of your coins into alt coins, but you aren't sure how to do it.

Enter EFOLIO! We are a free tool for tracking, analyzing and diversifying your crypto portfolio, all anonymously. There's a few killer features that address the above issues:

--We have Ledger wallet and Shapeshift integration. What does that mean? You can convert your crypto coins to different coins using our UI to interact with both your Ledger wallet and Shapeshift. Think of Efolio as the bridge bewteen the two platforms. Watch a demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=gyIVPBbIw_E

--We allow you to easily import your crypto assets into EFOLIO, all anonymously. We don't require any log in. This means you can always see the balance of your portfolio without every having to touch your hardware wallet and without "sharing" your data with some random third party portfolio website. Nice!

Check us out at https://www.efolio.info.

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