Tony Tran joins EFFECT.AI Board of Advisors

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Tony Tran joins EFFECT.AI Board of Advisors

Tony Tran, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Bee Token,
has joined Effect.AI as an advisor.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Charlie Shrem’s advisory role at Effect.AI is yet another high-profile addition to Effect.AI’s Board of Advisors. Co-founder and CTO of The Bee Token, Tony Tran, is coming on board to provide valuable input in the areas of machine learning, computer vision and blockchain technology. Tran is well known for his involvement in The Bee Token, a blockchain-powered short-term housing rentals platform. His background in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will add tremendous value to Effect.AI and its plans for decentralized AI development.

On becoming an advisor for Effect.AI

Effect.AI is an Amsterdam-based project that is working on a decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence and AI related services on the NEO blockchain. Tony expressed great interest in the way Effect.AI has prioritized making its platform open and accessible:

“The Bee Token was founded to solve real problems for real people. Everyone knows how complicated the housing situation is in San Francisco and when people start using The Bee Token, we should be able to alleviate some of those problems. We couldn’t do that until the technology was there though and you see something similar with Effect.AI: they are on the verge of utilizing blockchain technology to give everyone access to something that previously simply wasn’t accessible in this way. I’m very excited to help them launch their project.”

What Tony can do for Effect.AI

As a veteran advisor with a strong background in machine learning, Tony Tran is perfectly suited to advise the Effect.AI team during development and, perhaps even more importantly, assist in the acquisition of strategic partners that will further strengthen the Effect.AI project. Tony will be consulting with the team on a regular basis.

Join the Effect.AI Whitelist now

Effect.AI’s Whitelist went live earlier today. Interest has been overwhelming, but there’s still room for you to reserve a spot on the Whitelist. The Whitelist is available on the Effect.AI website. Before heading there, you can read this release to learn more about the requirements. The rest will be explained to you during the process. If you have any questions, please join the
Telegram channel.

Effect.AI Telegram


I am not up to date with Tony Tran work, but it's good to see Effect AI advisors growing.
From what I'm seeing it can be good value due to the recent experience and success with Beehive.

A great addition to the advising team, hes had alot of software and data engineering experience as well as a background in machine learning.

Tony worked as an advisor for beehive and it was a great success, being on the board of advisors adds value on this project, Bravo

Platforms should launch strong, which means the marketplace should work and have existing solutions which customers can purchase. With Tran's large network of coders, stemming from his work at Bee and Uber and his years of leadership at the SF Machine Learning Meetup, he will be able to bring in the coding resources needed to make this happen.

I missed the chance to participate in the bee token sale but not this time, not this project, not

Today, the effect has opened applications for participation in the whitelist, this is a great opportunity, you should not miss it

Yeah, and the good news is the whitelist is still open. I tell you, if you invest in emerging blockchain projects, you don't wont to miss Effect.AI tokensale.

Great news, great people are joining to the project and Tony will make this project even well known. Im glad that i am in this project from the start!

Великолепная новость для инвестора.

Excellent addition to the team. This is really great news today especially at the time open their whitelisting. Good luck team.

Great news...

one of main trust ICO factor is an advisors & definitely #effectai going more valuable than we thought 👌

Rental platforms are really needed in the environment because the system right now, is inefficient, frustrating and too analogic, we need people with vision to catapult this project and the mass adoption to be brought upon reality.

That's absolutely stunning! I'm really excited with your strategy for the incoming ICO. Just announced CHarlie Shrim as advisor and now you are getting one of the decent technical advisor Tony Tran. He can bring value to the further development and what is more important strategic partnerships in future. He has strong technical background and deep knowledge of machine learning. It's going to be huge!

The more powerful person joins the the more powerful the project becomes. Congratulations to it's really a good news for us and the project as well. I hope more great things are on the way


As I mentioned before we will face more surprises from the team! Well done guys, anoncement of two great persons as advisers. What to wait next? You wanna smash the ICO industry?

Oh this is amazing. Strengthen the team even more. Great to have you on board Tony. Lets make EFX a big success.

What a great news for investor. Its getting huge and more popular. Keep great working team.

Tony Tran, Charlie Shrem who will be next?..
team became stronger and stronger day by day...good work...

Effect AI is offering not only a great product but the added benefit of knowledgeable advisors. So many great things ahead for this project.

Tony will bring his experience gained from the Bee token to, which should prove immensely valuable. A good move all round!

Oh my God, this is cool! Tony Tran has a huge experience. With him, the project will be even steeper. I invested in The Bee token and put myself into the Effect.AI.

WoW great News for Effect Inveters. Advisor team look likes Los Galacticos This is a great work This is definitely a good move on part of , He is so experienced guy and he will help to effect project to success Good Luck & Keep it UP!!

Will you leave your headquarters in Amsterdam in the future or you plan to go in USA?

It's a pleasure to welcome Mr.Tony to Effect AI team. another thoughtful addition to the effect team, Mr.Tony has a background about Artificial intelligent projects so he sure will be a good addition to the team and confidence builder to all the effect community too.

Welcome on board, Tony!

Tony Tran is known for the successful project The Bee Token. His experience in the field of blockchain technology and in particular machine learning will be invaluable for the developers of Effect AI. The popularity of the project will grow significantly after such positive news. This is the second big name among those who agreed to work with Effect AI. From this we can conclude: the project clearly deserves close attention from investors.

Advisor team look likes Los Galacticos. My expectetions are bigger day by day. gonna be awesome.

Great news for the members. Establishing themselves for higher ROI in future.

You can always tell the quality of a project by the people who join it. Having someone with a well earned reputation in machine learning like Tony attach himself to the project is a very strong recommendation.

Welcome on board, Tony and thanks for this good news! The mentors come Tony and Charlie will increase the value and credibility of the whole project. I am following you since the beginning of the project and I believe a lot in you. I'm sure you'll do well. Good luck #EffectAi!

Superb news. With Tony Tran on board, Effect has added another respected voice to their already phenomenal board of advisors. The project is going progressing nicely, and Tony's expertise should boost the momentum. I look forward to more news about this brilliant ICO.

В консультационной команде пополнение...это очень зорово!
Уверена, что человек, у которого много опыта в области программного обеспечения и обработки данных, как никогда кстати подойдет в Вашу команду.

Great news for great project. I miss Bee token sale, I cannot miss Effect token. This news just make the project more trustworthy.

I'm glad to see the team adding on quality people onboard. The team seems to be materlizing things very effectivly and their networking has been phenomenal.

It's is good to see EFX board of advisors adds value , strengthen the team even more.

This is a good addition to the team. Welcome Tran

Congratulations Toni Tran for joining I was connected with bee token and i know how your contribution made bee token successful. Now its time to

I'm really happy to be the part of the community of this project. The team is very patient and professional, Tony will surely add great value to the project, it's crystal clear that the advisors are not only part of the project for the show.

A person with intelligence will choose win win situations. This partnership will help to success the project as well as Tony Tran. With the scope and the problem addressed by this project will be very useful to the community in the near future.

Tony joining this work is a big encouragement for me. Looking at his linkedin profile, you will realize he has been working in the most forefront of tech start-ups + with development background. Plus his recent full forced experience in the successful launch of bee token, no doubt this will make Effect.AI a better giant with Tony's contribution

It's always cool when experienced and well-known people join the project. I believe that Tony will help Effect.AI to progress and achieve even better results!