WoW happy to hear. Great News for all Effect.AI followers.
I already join with you. Effect.AI is the best ICO in 2018. i will believe this ICO is very valuable in future. Dear friend don't miss this amazing opportunity. Hurry up !!!

Yes, better hop on board of this project, even if you will invest small amount. It will be fun to be part of Effect community. Registration is still open!

the white list is finally open. I am very happy that I managed to join.
Effect is the first ICO based on NEO which I know and certainly not the last.
It will certainly help NEO to develop.

Indeed, there's no reason to not submit the form, even if only microinvesting. The developers are definitely one of the most patient and professional out there. Good luck to everyone!

First ICO based on NEO in 2018. Last year we have seen the rise of NEO, this year will be the rise of NEO-backed ICOs. The project is very promising so take your change to multiply your NEOs and become part of it!

I am go through the whitelisting process. We need to do kyc process at time of whitelisting. Keep all documents while whitelisting

I've Submitted KYC to whitelist as well. Hope to invest in http://Effect.Ai . Wish you success on token sale.
The whitelist form is very clear, simple and understandable.

Этот проект получил много откликов. Команда сильная, советники - известные люди в индустрии.

Registered to the whitelist myself and call everybody to do the same. This project is one for the bright future indeed. My advice - do not miss it.

So much done is so little time that itself is a accomplishment. I only wish the team the best, I love this whole concept and idea, and the main reason I like the effect concept is because this is a space that needs to be decentralized in order to collect the data we need for AI to work and be applied successfully in real world applications. Goodluck team!

I joined to the whitelist because i believe so much in this project! good luck!

I joined the whitelist. I'm sure it will grow faster than light.

Happy to see how this project is going, great team with great vision for AI, am whitelisting now and everyone should

The D-Day has arrived. I was actually looking forward for this day. is very hot. One should not miss the opportunity.

A wonderful news, I'm sure to share it with friends!

Great project and beautifull team. Hope to get in

wow that's a smooth process. I wish success to this project.

you could expect delays, but KYC ran great.
I'm glad that I managed to meet the requirements. I am waiting for acceptance and I keep my fingers crossed for the team.

After joined the team of Charlie Shrem, I have no doubt that the project EFFECT.AI will be a success. Therefore, I will definitely register with Whitelist in order to buy tokens for $ 500. I think this is a worthy investment for the future. I have no doubt that the tokens will soon cost much more. I advise everyone to follow my example and go through the KYC procedure. Good luck to all!

Can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful project. Already completed the whitelist. Having some trouble when uploading the picture but its ok. Hope your public sale will go smoothly.

Best of luck to the team. I hope this more complicated whitelist process (you'll need to take a picture of yourself with your passport and another with "Effect.AI" plus the date on a piece of paper) leads to a smooth ICO. I have high expectations from what I've seen so far.

This project got lots of hype, hopefully they will follow through and fulfill expectations.

Most waited event started. Successfully filed all whitelist details.Waiting for another processes will live.Good luck Effect with Neo

I love how the team is ready to answer the questions on every aspect during whitelisting. Its refreshing after the terrible ICO-s in the past month. Im really looking forward to contribute and participate in the platform. Keep up the good work guys. I believe there are many usecases for AI in our everyday life.

Being a NEO fan and seeing future of AI, looking forward to invest in this one.

Getting close informations such as this is not very common and not what ICO will do. This shows that the team of the project are particular about their community and the overall interest of all its participants. Be safe and look out for the necessary information as passed across to you. Any other info may be gotten from the official telegram. Proud of this development. is taking on the Cryptosphere.

I feel this is a detailed preparation project, everything is transparent and clearning. whitelist is a necessity for all participants to remove spammers i am glad to joining!

This project should change the whole crypto world! I'm very glad that you help to introduce a crypto currency all over the world! This should happen as soon as possible! I fully support you!

This project got lots of hype.The team is strong, the advisers are well known persons in industry. The idea is great and i have already joinned effectai whitelist.

Our project introduces an open, decentralized network that provides services in the Artificial Intelligence market. This project is called The Effect Network. And i want to be part of this network. Also i joined Whitelist. Thank you.

We closer and closer to crowd sale! Thanks for comprehensive instruction in Medium article

Looking forward for smooth ICO process. Whitelist is done professionaly, very nice form. Keep up the good work guys. Hope to boost AI to go mainstream in near future!

very good news! I will join the white list

Excellent! I have already filled in the white list information. I hope everyone else did it as well. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in the best ICO of this year!

I have seen a number of recent ICO's that closed their whitelist once they had enough members to sell all their tokens. Those that thought they would wait until the ICO started to get whitelisted ended up losing out.

This is nice to know i been waiting too long for the white-list to opened

I love your project because it is transparency and well organized team. This project will be huge with lot of supporters from us.

Effect white list is certainly one of the most awaited ones, register ASAP guys, because there will be lot of people starting to join and may be they'll have to limit the number, so better grab your spot now.

Great news. Whitelist is officially opened. Yay

Very good news. Im waiting this project crowdsale for long time!

one of the most important things in a project is align to the schedule. Almost all project have this marvelous project schedule and time line defined but most of them fail to execute. What I have seen in this project from the beginning is, they are very well organized which is a good sign of a successful project.

I have already Joined the whitelist of I see a lot of promise from as there are many reasons why this project will succeed & Market is also open to welcome decentralize workforce platform.

Only one ICO project i have seen that much clear and very active team and CEO come online ,, thats is perfect .. already Done

it is nice by the way i like when you ask selfie with passport for kyc. because otherwise so many multi appliers are joining and buying so many tokens for their self. thank you for requesting more details to avoid them!

Already registered for the whitelist and waiting for the ICO. This is one of the best project indeed.

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