EFFECT.AI – Month in Review

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EFFECT.AI – Month in Review

As we get closer to our Token Sale in March, things are really starting to heat up at Effect.AI. The last month has been a flurry of talks, conferences, events and trips abroad to present the Effect.AI project. Perhaps this is a good time to look back on some of the highlights.

International Blockchain Summit in Dubai

On January 8th, part of the Effect.AI team travelled to Dubai to participate in the annual Blockchain Summit hosted at the Atlantis hotel. While it was easy to be dazzled by the many sights Dubai had to offer, the team’s main priority was to present its ideas on combining blockchain technology and AI development to a country that has a growing interest in blockchain and the opportunities it represents. Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, Effect.AI will return to Dubai on 5 and 6 February to attend the Blockchain Middle East forum. We will also be present at Anarchapulco in Mexico from 15 to 18 February and BlockDelhi in India on February 20 and 21.

New office and bigger team

A surge of interest in the project (and its coming launch) means Effect.AI is growing at a rapid pace. Over the last two months the team has doubled in size, now counting a total of twelve members. Additions include: new developers, a project manager, a community manager, an office manager, a content writer and several advisors who are helping us out. This meant moving to a bigger office at WeWork in Amsterdam. Currently Effect.AI is very happy to be there, but it’s possible we are moving on to something bigger sooner rather than later.

Expanding community

There’s multiple ways to find us on Social Media and found us you have, the highlight being our Telegram channel. It went from 200 to 7,000 members over the course of four weeks - something we are very proud of considering the organic nature of the increase. Many people have been talking to us and asking questions on Telegram and we could not be happier with the friendly vibe and the type of people that have chosen to join us on this journey. Telegram is also the best way to stay updated, so if you haven’t already, you can join us here:

Effect.AI on Telegram

Blockchain Talks and London Blockchain Week 2018

In addition to our trip to Dubai, we presented Effect.AI to an enthusiastic home crowd at the Blockchain Talks here in Amsterdam. The week after, part of the team went to London to participate in the 2018 Blockchain Week. Like in Dubai and Amsterdam, attendees seem to be very excited about Effect.AI and The Effect Network. Chipin.com even included Effect.AI in its top 5 ICOs to watch at the London Blockchain Week. Read the article here: Chipin Best of London Blockchain Week 2018

NEO Meetup, Malcolm Lerider, Crypto Koala and Keith Wareing

As NEO will feature heavily in Effect.AI’s infrastructure, there was no way we would miss the NEO Meetup right here in Amsterdam on January 13. With more than 450 people present, it was completely sold out. The organizers even had to switch locations two times to make sure they could accommodate everyone. We also had a private meeting with Malcolm Lerider (of NEO) to discuss our project (more on that to follow). And last but not least, our fearless leader, Chris Dawe, had interviews with Jamie from Crypto Koala and Keith Wareing. You can watch the interviews here:

Crypto Koala interview

Keith Wareing interview

Token Sale details announced

With this much news to share we would almost forget the most important thing: we have just announced the details of our Token Sale! View them at your leisure on the (also new and improved) Effect.AI website: effect.ai/tokensale

More to come

There’s plenty more on the agenda in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions, join us on Telegram and ask away.

Join us on Telegram!





Best wishes,
The Effect.AI Team

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I'm very proud to join with Effect.There very good conceptual team based on neo .Effect is the first project of the team members But quality is very high.In future AI projects are becoming the top in crypto world.

Thanks for sharing the report a lot of activities has been done to make sure effect.ai reaches the masses, the events for sure brings in more value to the project along with global insights as well as helps to showcase effect.ai, Telegram group has grown to 9k+ people in short span of time showing community support. All the best to entire team for coming months and would love to see more and more value generated thorough the work you guys are putting into

Good to see that worthwhile projects like Effect.ai are attracting the attention they deserve, getting the word out even though it may entail a hefty travel schedule will pay dividends later on not only in the ICO but also after which is even more important.

The Blockchain Summit is something I really wanted to go to. I am glad to see Effect really starting to gain steam in the community. I guess thats the EFFECT! :-) I wish the team the best of luck. I woudl like to know however will the community be able to participate in any mechanical turks to have an idea of what the platform will entail?

Waiting to be a part of this opportunity..Good and experience Team

Good luck! Given the weight that the founders of Effect.ai have, there is experience and support for cryptographic communities, it seems that their project will be the most perfect.

Великолепно! Команда расширяется, сообщество растет, все больше людей узнают о проекте и хотят инвестировать. Я уверен, что впереди будет еще больше хороших новостей. Упорная работа вознаграждается. Удачи ребята!

This project and campaign is given hope for everyone and it's important to be part of Centerless Network for Artificial Intelligence as Effect.ai

Demand grows for the project. There is more than 12k of people in Telegram and it increases organically. Token sale is going to be in March. Considering a daily growth of 600 members I expect to see about 25-30 k of telegram members at the start of token sale. Perhaps individual cap will have to be reconsidered with such great increase in community. P.S. Good luck at Blockchain Middle East forum :-)

That is a good project with a perfect team working perfectly and effectively to respond and gonna be successful project with a high effort, good job.

Wow Great review. before read this i have some doubt about Effect.ai. but after read this review i clarify all my doubt. Thanks you Effect.ai and Good luck for your future.

The team is expanding, the community is growing, more people are learning about the project and want to invest. I'm sure there will be even more good news ahead.

Good project. Things will become difficult or arr becoming interesting. This will a great project because the team is working hard to make it a success. Keep it up we got your back. #EFX

This project is one of the most reliable project. Main Benefit of Effect.ai Ecosystem is Decentralized blockchain technology provides transparency and high security.

It's great to hear you guys attend each and every blockchain summit to represent the AI and get attraction to it. I really respect your hard work. Looking forward to hear more awesome news from Effect.AI team and would love to help you.

Team is expanding, community is growing, more & more people are aware of the project and want to invest. I'm sure there will be even more good news in the next month review. Hard work pays off.

Good luck! Given the weight that the founders of Effect.ai have, there is experience and support for cryptographic communities, it seems that their project will be the most perfect.

Effect.ai team has shown a very good development within a month compared to most of the other blockchain related projects. This is a good sign of the success of this project. I'm pretty sure thath the effect.ai ICO will be very successful one.

It is really good move to combine AI, blockchain, VR together. Hope that would gives a huge success to the project.

Nice explanation and clear road map. Good luck, team

I have been hearing about this project and token sale for so long time. i could only have time to check by know. using artifical intelligence with blockchain technology is a very good idea!

When i was searching to find a nice ico that i can invest a bit i saw some peoople talking about this project on telegram. I checked it and like the idea. I wish you a good like for your token sale!

Simply because having brand new cutting edge technologies will not drive a project to its success. Brand the project, make it popular, build a good community around it and winning the faith of community are vital for a successful ending. This is really important staff and worth trying.

It's great project, thank you.

Getting great advisory board. Effect.AI is now ready to rock in crypto market

Great project, let make a show to take effect in the world, EFFECT :)

Even though this is for last month, it is amazing to see how effect.ai has grown over the last month and matured now to get into the ICO. Good luck team.

Thank for this review from effect team. Toke sale will starts soon. All already received Whitelist confirmation!

With all the benefits this platform is going to have over the competition (Mech Turk etc.) I can see it really getting traction and disrupting the way of thing. Best of luck to the whole team. I for one, will be a very eager future user.

his project is one of the most reliable project. Main Benefit of Effect.ai Ecosystem is Decentralized blockchain technology provides transparency and high security.

Any updates on the project?