Announcement! The Effect.AI Whitelist Closes March 6th 9AM CET!

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The Effect.AI Whitelist Closes March 6th 9AM CET!

Effect.AI Whitelist Closes March 6th 9AM CET! Join our mission to create a Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence!
If you still have not registered, go to this link to register for EffectAI Whitelist:


Neon Wallet installer:

Read the Whitelist Instructions here:

You will NOT get a CONFIRMATION email until your registration is FULLY approved, which can take several days. Stay tuned.

Our Website:



Join the Effect.AI community!










A tad off topic but for a future post, it would be really neat to get an explanation regarding how M-Turk works, why it's a problem and how affectai can fix said problem.
I'm not in the AI world at all and would like to know :D

The only thing I know about AI and that we need the wizard hat to stay relevant ^^

Amazingly fun read:

Thanks for the link, it is a great read!

Already done. Make sure you have your own neon wallet. Because is a Neo based project. You need a Neon wallet address to recieve your EFX tokens. You can use this tutorial to create a NEON wallet:

Yeah, some people may be confused since almost all ICOs are on Ethereum blockchain. I've already got my NEO tokens, send them to Neon wallet and also got ONT airdrop by the way :)

Hello, all hope you already registered for the WhiteList, this project will have success and bring a lot of profit to investors. One of the most promising project in 2018! = My love!

I am super excited about this one. I have already registered for the whitelist and is waiting for the ICO date to be announced.

Whitelist Register DONE!!
Don't miss the opportunity or you will regret! This will be "THE" project of 2018.
If you don’t have enough funds to participate take a look at the available bounties at

One more Day left. Join Now. i believe this ICO is the best one i have ever invest. Participate now the Best ever NEO Based ICO in the crypto history. Great Concept and Great Team. Whitelist Now Contribute to this project. you can earn. i already submitted the document. Waiting for the confirmation email. Thanks for update community constantly.

I think so too.. This ico looks really promising. :D cant wait to see how we moon hard.

Everyone should whitelist while you still have time, great project with value, don't miss out

Chris wearing a white t-shirt is as improbable as SKYNET being created through

I know this could be read as a bad sign, but it is VERY unlikely if we get behind and decentralise the artificial​intelligence​ marketplace!

Good project, I like the way it has been developing so far. Also always good to see another successful ICO on the NEO platform.

Great to see that the developers kept their promises to the community. This whitelist process allows as much as possible confirmed people to participate in the token sale. Eagerly waiting for it!

Everyone should whitelist this ICO as this is platform of NEO with AI. Which is the formula of sucess. To add, You need a Neon wallet address to recieve your EFX tokens because this is NEO based token, not Ethereum. You can create a NEO wallet by

I think this project is very important and different from others. This is a good project with new feature that the dev been apply,
i think we should give them support to make this project be great project.

Don't miss the opportunity to get in on early stage. You still have a new day till closing of WL. The AI is very fashionable industry in 2018. Be a part of it with EffectAI.

Thanks for the update, have been waiting to be white listed, now I am. Next is the token sale, I am in with all guns blazing.....

I hope that you will disclose some numbers of whitelisted participants. I am really curious to get these figures for comparison with other projects. Effect AI looks much better than Gems in all aspects (community, token metrics, transparancy). I expect around 20k in whitelist. Let's see

Successfully registered in the whitelist. Like all my friends, whom I invited to participate in this project! It's just the best project I've ever seen! I'm sure that the team will be able to bring the project to an ideal state! I'm with you!

I am trying to invite to get whitelisted not only my friends but also fellow twitter followers, facebook followers, etc..

I did whitlisting and kyc process for Process is very secured and easy. Good thing is while whitelisting website never freezes.

I think joining the whitelist is very profitable invesment! Don't miss it

Thank you for the possibility of smoothly registering on the white list.
I'm glad that I was able to register on the white list.
I keep my fingers crossed for invalers.
for the first 200 people in whitelist, they were supposed to be T-shirts.
When will the fastest be announced?

In my opinion, Effect.AI has very bright future, so i plan to take part. Don't miss your opportunity guys, because this project has good chances to make "to the moon".

Я уже зарегистрирован в белом списке. И все, кто еще этого не сделал, советую спешить. Такой проект нельзя упустить.

Already registered. If you not registered?? what you waiting for?? Get on board on this great project before the ship sails away. Its a promising project.

You did a good job with your write-up, I was able to understand the three phases of that set it apart from other projects.

I'm already registered in the white list. And anyone who has not done it yet, I advise you to hurry. Such a project can not be missed.

I have registered for the whitelist and urge everybody to do the same. It is really a project you can't miss.

If you have not already been whitelisted you better get a move on. It shows just how highly regarded this project is by the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

what if we have any problem with document , so can we resend it ? Ask on TG but I think you can't.

Project like comes once in a while. the opportunity should not be missed and especially when we get bonus/discounts during the initial sales period.

I took the opportunity to register for Whitelist. And I can say with certainty that the project team has worked perfectly on the registration as well as I easily passed the registration.

I did whitlisting and kyc process for Process is very secured and easy. Good thing is while whitelisting website never freezes.

Documents already submitted. Waiting for the confirmation email. Thanks for update community constantly. Guys, hurry up if you haven't finished your registration.

Guys, thank you, we all understood! Tomorrow's the last day! Good luck to all of us in a super project Effect AI! Who else in thought, feel free to register and you will not regret it. Good luck!

This project is providing great opportunity for investors worldwide. So far, during their ICO they have been much impressive and I can foresee bulleon become one of the market leaders in the cryptocurrencies.

whitelist registration is done. I cannot miss this opportunity. This promising project will bring benefits to all investors with its great technology, transparency and decentralized network

A very slick KYC process by the way - very user friendly and well designed. A real breath of fresh air. Now I play the waiting game and keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll be able to sink my own stake into this phenomenal project. ^^

I have registered and I am waiting for my approval. I believe in you project guys, but please , approve me :) I think I made all right and did not make any mistake during registration process.

awesome project , one of the best ico ongoing and effectai team is so strong Whitelist: register and you wont regret for sure !

Oh man, this whitelist has closed so fast but it's not surprising at all, given the hype, theory, team, potential and roadmap. This is definitley the thing to go way! Congrats to project and all whitelist participants!

Seems like mostly everyone had a smooth process for the most part. It was nice to see the platform a bt with teh Charlie Shrem Video, I was wondering if we would be able to get a hands on demo of this?

Got in! Hope evrething will be fine with my KYC approval, and the invividual cap will be more than 1 ETH :)

Effect Deserves for excellent.
every person out there that can be reach will never regret to invest trust with this highly recommended worked of all reliable person behind and continually working for making it better and better.

Project lowers the market entry barrier, stimulates market growth and significantly reduces the cost of using AI. is one of the best ICO with strong Team along with top notch advisers. is built on NEO NEP -5 token, this project will help business to get quality workforce to get the task done cost effectively. They are decentralizing workforce using AI. AI as an industry will grow rapidly and would hit trillion dollar mark. Very Promising Project

Already applied for the huge project Effect.We are waiting for further updates.

I recommend everyone to join as soon as possible! Good job dev team!

Can't believe I missed the whitelist deadline. Had this on my radar for so long and then messed up last minute. Anyway, will be buying as soon as EFX hits exchanges. Love that you guys are building on NEO. Best of luck!

The project is very interesting and recommend it to all.On the official website all lucidly and clearly written. The project has great prospects.certainly at the moment,I believe that this is the best project in the cryptocurrency market,it has no equal,especially for people who are engaged in their own business.This project is one of the most creative and revolutionary among all other! With pleasure I will watch out for him. Good luck!

A very memorable project, I see now that times on different resources references about the project, judging by the number of votes and the large count of hits, the project will be a success, obviously very much people interested in your business. I think that my friends and subscribers will be interested to know about You ) Resteemed by @gefa

this thing charged me and i done it in time. hope everyone else was also on board I am looking forward to get approval white listed and be a part of this innovative project. Looking forward to hear from you guys by weekend and make my week

I think project base on NEO is gonna be so success this year. Hope this is gonna be one of them. Already in the whitelist

Those who got involved early in the project and managed to get whitelisted are extremely lucky. Unfortunately, I discovered Effect AI too late. I'm certain that it will be huge success and all the contributors will be content with their investment. Good luck, peeps!

The Whitelist is important for an ICO, it represents the trust between investors as also is KYC. The fact of requiring it for the participants in the Token Sale indicates that Effect.AI is an ICO with a completely right project.
Success for everyone at Token Sale!

Congratulations to the team and the community . Very attractive project, I will be glad to participate in the sale, in the medium and long term it looks very promising😎