Bitcoin Cash, BTC, and Roger Ver

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Here is an article written on by Eli Afram. I've included a link at the bottom, it's a great interview with Roger Ver and here are a couple of highlights from the article:

Eli: “Do you think Bitcoin Cash is a threat to the Blockstream business model?”

Roger: “[pauses]…YES! – laughs loudly it’s a huge huge threat, I think mostly because they don’t seem to have many Bitcoins either… otherwise they’d be more concerned with making Bitcoin more widespread – supply is limited, as more people use it, price will go up. Adam Back had an invitation directly from Satoshi when Bitcoin hadn’t even launched yet and he had such a poor understanding of the economics of Bitcoin that he didn’t bother to get involved until it was a thousand dollars each… that should make anybody stop and ask ‘why did I trust this guy to guide the Bitcoin scaling roadmap”.

Eli: “and what do you think of Core’s scaling roadmap?”

Roger: “They don’t have a scaling roadmap. Their scaling Roadmap is to not scale Bitcoin. Anybody can make layer two technologies on-top of Bitcoin Cash, real scaling is on-chain scaling…”

Here is the link:


Let's see how Bitcoincash Perform the following few months!

I recently watched the video below and Carter Thomas of Coin Mastery made some really great talking points about BTC and BCH.

While Bitcoin core/blockstream/cultists are busy belittling, bullying and censoring anyone on social media, Roger Ver is out in the community talking to REAL people and companies selling Bitcoin Cash's use case: low transaction fees that eliminate the use of banks AND a store of value, all at the same time. Oh yeah, you could just call it Satoshi's whitepaper for Bitcoin.

He's not caught up in the trivial arguments that abound on Twitter, Reddit, Steemit, etc, he is out spreading the word to show Bitcoin Cash's utility. Got to love this guy's hussle.

Here is the video:

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