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Bitnation Pangea has FINALLY been released!!

A Decentralized Trust and Reputation System with Contracts and the World’s first blockchain-based Court and Jurisdiction.

The Bitnation PAT token sale starts tomorrow! Sign up (for free) to become a citizen and get some PAT token. Become a world citizen through the main Bitnation site or via Bitnation phone application to receive your PATs. Learn more here

"Bitnation is the world's first Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). Bitnation started in July 2014 and hosted the world’s first blockchain marriage, birth certificate, refugee emergency ID, World Citizenship, DBVN Constitution and more.

The website proof-of-concept, including the blockchain ID and Public Notary, is used by tens of thousands of Bitnation Citizens and Embassies around the world. Bitnation is the winner of UNESCO’s Netexplo Award 2017, and has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN, WIRED, VICE, TechCrunch, The Economist, Russia Today among many others."

"P2P Agreements

Pangea is a decentralised market for legal services. Create and execute peer-to-peer agreements seamlessly across the world, resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. Choose an arbitrator, or become an arbitrator in your field of expertise."

Frontier Technology

Pangea is a secure mesh network forming a distributed web, accessed through a smartphone-chat user-friendly interface. Blockchain agnostic smart contract functionality powers the Pangea Jurisdiction, currently implemented with Ethereum.

Your Own Nations

On Pangea you can create your own Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). Choose your Code of Law and Decision Making Mechanism, write a Constitution and provide Governance Services to Citizens.

Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT)

The Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT) is an ERC20 compatible in-app token for the Pangea Jurisdiction. The PAT token rewards good reputation and is issued on Pangea when Citizens accumulate non-tradable reputation tokens through creating a contract, successfully completing a contract or resolving a dispute attached to a contract.

PAT is an algorithmic reputation token, an arbitration currency based on performance rather than purchasing power, popularity or attention.

The distribution mechanism for PAT tokens on Pangea is an autonomous agent, Lucy, which will initially launch on Ethereum as a smart contract. This mechanism is blockchain agnostic and can be ported to any viable smart contract platform."

Get Started Here

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The Earth Nation is a Proud Nation of Bitnation Pangea.


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