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I spent the last few weeks re-balancing my crypto investment profile based on what I considered the tokens' primary problem-solution pair. Wanted share my findings and would be great to get your thoughts. 

Asset Tokens


  • Pays dividends with transaction fees
  • The Digix DAO decides on profits from trading of Digix tokens (DGX)
  • DGX tokens are tokens backed 1:1 with a gram of gold.
  • They are claim checks for real gold stored in a vault in Singapore.

Tether (USDT)

  • Always 1-to-1 with the US Dollar

Bank Competitors' Tokens

Emercoin (EMC)

  • Suite of banking dev services
  • Emercoin is part of Microsoft Azure
  • Emercoin offers a 6% annual POS reward with 30 day coin maturity.
  • One DAPP of interest was a decentralized torrent tracker

Exscudo (EON)

  • Exscudo Website
  • Distributed financial products
  • All-in-one financial solution
  • Integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world

Humaniq (HMQ)

  • Banking the unbankable
  • Giving out cellphone 

Bank Partners Tokens

Ripple (XRP)

  • Panders to the establishment
  • Founded by former bankers
  • Market control through 70% coin hold back

Stellar Lumens (XLM )

  • Optimizes market maker transfers routs
  • It’s a fork of Ripple
  • Backed by Stripe

Computation Tokens

Golem (GNT)

  • Distributed computation (Supercomputer)
  • People can rent out idle computer time
  • Built on Etherium
  • Raised lots of ICO money

MadeSafeCoin (MAID)

  • Decentralised databases
  • Encrypt data uploads
  • Secure access for everyone
  • Uses proof-of-resources
  • Farming will allow users to donate resources for SafeCoins
  • SafeCoins are not released yet and MAID coins are pre-coin holders

Content Tokens

Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

  • ICO Info
  • Buy on May 31st
  • Solves: Google and Facebook take all advertising money
  • Team includes a founder of javascript
  • Built on ethereum

ReddCoin (RDD)

  • PoS
  • Microdonations and tips for social media

Synereo (AMP)

  • PoSC
  • Content creators should get paid by audience
  • This gives them an inherent market value, as any business or individual wishing to bring information to your attention non-organically has to pay you with AMPs for it.

SingularDTV (SNGLS)

  • Investment Overview
  • ERC 20
  • Token holders get ETH rewards
  • SNGLS tokens also represent the intellectual property.

Steem (STEEM)

  • Reddit-esque blockchain platform
  • Content is valued by steem * user karma
  • Steem power has 2 year lock-in

Contracts Tokens

AntShares (ANS)

  • Slack | Wallet Instructions
  • Rebranding to NEO
  • Microsoft Azure and the Hyperledger Project
  • Popular in China
  • 100% premined and released
  • Tokenized proof-of-ownership helps with legal complications


  • Daniel is also dev with BitShares & Steemit
  • ERC-20 compatible
  • Blockchain operating system

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

  • Proof-of-Work
  • Ideologically driven

Currency Tokens

Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Most mainstream
  • First to solve the double spend problem
  • Uses proof-of-work

Dash (DASH)

  • Focused on user friendly software
  • Focus on speed and privacy makes it good for digital cash
  • Good development and marketing team
  • Well funded and organized DAO
  • Masternodes require 1,000 DASH (8.39% annual return).

Nautilus (NAUT)

  • PoS
  • Coin tries to reduce volatility but
  • Has central bank type levers to pull
  • Attempts to reduce volatility and preserve buying power
  • Terminal money supply is fixed


  • Proof-of-Importance
  • Value through transactions discourages hoarding
  • Supernode dividends (Too expensive for me)
  • Popular in china
  • Offer easy developer tools
  • NEM harvesting offers some growth

Litecoin (LTC)

  • Fork of bitcoin with faster block times 
  • Already has implemented segregated witness
  • Might be an easy replacement for bitcoin merchances

DAO Tokens

Aragon (ANT)

  • Framework to build DAOs
  • Vested profits founders
  • Super popular ICO

Decred (DCR)

  • PoS
  • Community-based governance integrated into its blockchain

Wings (WINGS)

  • DAO framework
  • Etherium based

Enterprise Tokens

Ardor (ARDR)

  • PoS
  • Create custom DAPPs
  • Built on top of NXT

Stratis (STRAT)

  • Custom one-click private and public blockchains creation
  • Blockchains can be customized to suit corporate needs

Ubiq (UBQ)

  • Provides an enterprise level service agreement on top of ETH

Exchange Tokens

Bancor (BNT)

BitShares (BTS)

  • All types of assets should be traded on the same ledger
  • Same dev @dan from Steem and EOS
  • Uses delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS)
  • Quality team and technology

BlockNet (BLOCK)

  • Polonex-esque decentralized exchange
  • High reviews from King of Dew
  • Masternode is 5000 BLOCK

Gaming Tokens

DigiByte (DGB)

  • Jerry Banfield
  • Works on minecraft servers

GameCredits (GAME)

  • Belives game currency shold be tranferable
  • On Microsoft Azure so maybe for Xbox

MobileGo (MGO)

  • MobileGo Website: Unsure if validated
  • Blockchain based gamer marketplace
  • Gamer-to-gamer betting/competition
  • Decentralized mobile game tournaments

Gambling Tokens

Augur (REP)

  • Probability/gambling platform

Edgeless (EDG)

  • PoS
  • ETH based edgeless casino

Gnosis (GNO)

  • Probability/gambling platform

Wagerr (?)

  • Wager will ensure deflation
  • Betting fees are burned in relation to coins value

Insurance Tokens

Aeternity (AE)

  • Provides insurance

DAPP Building Tokens

Lisk (LSK)

  • Forging Rewards
  • Create blockchain with JAVA
  • Create custom side chains
  • Team has former ethereum core members
  • Founders responsible with ICO money

Stratis (STRAT)

  • Blockchain for C# AND .NET 

SysCoin (SYS)

  • Azural partnership
  • Framework for DAPP dev

Marketplace Tokens

Counterparty (XCP)

  • Makes bitcoin turning-complete
  • Proof-of-Burn (miners should show proof that they burned some coins)
  • Coins are burned to create dividends
  • Marketplace built directly on the Bitcoin blockchain

Masternodes Tokens

Boolberry (BBR)

Crave (CRAVE)

CrownCoin (CRW)

  • Masternodes = 10,000

ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)

  • Masternode = 5,000


NeosCoin (NEOS)

  • Masternode = 5,000
  • MN’s Return 160 NEOS or $700 per/month
  • 135 masternodes online
  • V3 is on the way

Neutron (NTRN)


Renos (RNS)

  • Masternode = 30,000 (payouts are 70%)
  • Coins on will switch over to v3 automatically. 

TransferCoin (TX)

  • Masternode = 10,000

PoS Tokens

BitSend (BSD)

Diamond Coin (DMD)

  • DMD Investing Experience
  • PoS (Coins must vest for 9 days)
  • Masternodes require 10,000 DMD
  • Returns for minting 1000 DMD is approx.. 5.2 DMD per week

HyperStake (HYP)

  • Github
  • 230% returns
  • Generous returns without massive inflation

MonitaryUnit (MUE)

  • Masternode is 500,000 and MN shares are 10,000
  • Making a transition to a X11 base

Portfolio Tokens

Iconomi (ICN)

  • Quantopian-esque crypto platform
  • Users can create “Digital Asset Arrays” of cryptos
  • ICNX - crypto Index fund coming later
  • 20% of platform fees buy & burn tokens (dividends)
  • Central point of failure 

Melonport (MLM)

  • Slower to market but completely P2P 
  • Blockchain software for full asset management

Numeraire (NMR)

  • Crowd sourced artificial intelligence hedge fund
  • Team includes an apple and google engineer.
  • Data scientists received the initial NMR coins at no cost.


  • Closed-end like fund where they invest in crypto assets
  • Payments made via an Ethereum smart contract
  • Premined tokens and ability to see all token investment's helps with trust. 
  • 25% of profits reinvested in tokens and 25% to fund managers
  • 50% of profits go to token holders each quarter
  • Profits show up in the form of ETH when stored with MyEtherWallet

Privacy Tokens


  • Solves: Privacy / Anonymity
  • Stable enough banks might like it. 

Komodo (KMD)

  • PoS
  • Private contracts and coins

Monero (XMR)

  • Solves: Privacy / Anonymity
  • Darknet crypto of choice
  • Receivers information is anonymized. 

ZCash (ZEC)

  • Hides sender, recipient, and value info
  • Partnership with JP Morgan

Storage Tokens

Factom (FCT)

  • Already used for permanent documentation
  • Investment from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Deflationary (coins removed every year)
  • Network uses enterprise level federation servers


SiaCoin (SC)

  • Decentralized file storage

Science Tokens

1337 Coin (1337)

GridCoin (GRC)

  • Leading Zroooos
  • Proof-of-Research algorithm
  • Compensate miners for participating in BOINC social good projects

Nexus (NXS)

  • Mistakenly sent coins can be retrieved. 
  • Something about space travel

Token Building

Ardor (ARDR)

  • PoS
  • Built on top of NXT
  • Offers blockchain as a service to dev new coins

Bata (BTA)

  • PoW
  • Built for barter exchange for goods or services
  • Masternode = 10,000 BTA
  • Near-zero cost payments

Radium (RADS)

  • PoS
  • Medium
  • Files on computers can thumbprint against the blockchain to verify they were not changed. 
  • AWS and Azurl Intigration

Waves (WAVES)

  • Waves Fullnode
  • Developers from NXT 
  • Help ICO’s launch and provide an exchange
  • Government and traditionals bank compliant
  • Easy colored-coin creation for assets
  • Lease-Proof-of-Stake with a Full Node needing 10,000 waves
  • Leasing Address List

Quantum Tokens


  • Zero transaction fee
  • Tangle architecture replace blockchain
  • Eachbrodcasts must also verify transactions
  • Built for a machine to machine economy

Quantum Resistance Ledger (QRL)

  • Specially designed security should stay protected from quantum computing.
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Thanks for aggregating the information into an easy to read list. There are so many different crypto coins, that it is very intimidating to someone new to the ecosystem (just started myself a few weeks back).


@maples The two places I usually start is and I also try the name of the coin with some keywords like "Whatever Coin Reddit" or "Whatever Coin Github"

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Solid blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Only invest in ICOs if you did the best possible research you can do and really believe in the future of the project. Wetter you're a short- or long term holder you should know what you put your money in. Do you know this interesting site? I'm really enthusiastic about this site, they let you analyze every single coin out there. Check for example: For a complete DigiByte Investment analysis.

Interesting post. I was about to post a similair thread. I'm not sure if coins are that high risk. The quality coins are here to stay and it's like buying in at the S&P 500 50 years ago. Cryptos will fall and rise at a more rapit phase any investment market has ever seen. Just hold (literaly) and enjoy the ride. Does anyone know about: This site did all the research for you. It's truly amazing. Check for example: To watch Emercoin Indepth analysis.