Poloniex Hacked? Another Mt. Gox/Cryptsy Coming?steemCreated with Sketch.

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Video by HighOnCoins

Poloniex pending tweets:

Past month or so, I got one of my coins stucked while transferring out.
My ticket support is still not answered/contact.

Is Poloniex heading to Mt.Gox journey?

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According to your recent findings of phishing attack with the .ru at the end of the url, looks like they might be pending customers withdraws.

Good luck hope you get your coins out ASAP!

For the record I don't and have never used Poloniex, has NOT earned my TRUST!


Yep, probably explains it. Poloniex taking precautions.

Thanks! So many bad reviews with Poloniex. ='(


I gotta "thirds rule strategy" to help minimize loss.

You can search it on google or on my blog.

Good luck @dwongch

RESPECT (fist bump)


Thanks for the tip. Will check it out. =)

Appreciate the heads up @dwongch

RESPECT (fist bump)

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "hack" TAG (hashtag)


TOO many strange things has happen with Poliniex the last 2 months.
Insider trading (XRP & BCN) where the site froze for 10 minutes and when open the price had tank 10-15% ..... HOW?!
MANY people have lost insane amounts at Polo lately.
I sat and watch the pump & dump insider scheme live .
After that i stopped use Poloniex.
Ps. Could tell more strange things but i guess here's enough of proof.

Got my BTC out yesterday with no problems. But you cannot be too carefull, Thanks for the warning! Voted up

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