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Received an email today in regards with EOS ICO!!
ICO date is June 26th 2017 at 13:00 UTC.
EOS Steem: https://steemit.com/@eosio

Few YouTube videos to educate on yourself:

EOS Consensus Presentation May 2017

What is EOS in a Nutshell

Coin Interview with EOS

Article written by @trogdor about a month ago.


I have been waiting and following EOS patiently for a couple of weeks now. I am so excited about this project, biggest gain would be no transaction fees, scalability, cheaper and faster smart contract ledger. I don't know what to say but this could be a potential Ethereuem killer. What makes I say this? Over the past few weeks, BANCOR ICO destroyed the Ethereum network. Couldn't handle the load. Status ICO as well. Few days ago, completed killed the network too. Pretty much, every ICO that use's ETH as donations. The Ethereum network weren't designed for ICO's. Really don't want to scare you guys but yeah, this is a really really good project to look into. Whether if you can get in ICO or when it hit exchange, best to invest. Really good long term project. If you missed Antshare bandwagon, better not miss this! Don't think I will be able to participate the ICO due to I will be on holiday, overseas.

Do your own research.

Stay safe out there!

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Thank you so much for this info, will have to do some research. Upvoted!

nice post

I can't wait to see another ICO crash on Ethereum network. I see Ethereum as Windows 95 that tries to run 2017 games on it!


I hope EOS will skip the Windows Vista part.


Haha hope so too! Something more stable has to be moved on.