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The new Google Adsense alternative. Google has banned several accounts over the years. Some times just a simple mistake and not realizing your mistake they ban you with no recourse. All your $$'s vanish in a minute . They close your account down for ever. Some large marketers lost everything, with no real due process.

A new Alternative has arrived visit https://jsecoin.com/whitepaper.pdf for a copy of their white paper. Also check out the site and see if your blog can benefit form JSE. They also are having a initial coin offering starting soon. Be one of the first to help this platform take off.
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" There will never be a better time to start mining coin on your websites. Competition is increasing so build a stack of coins before it’s too late. Small, medium and large websites can all benefit from our cyrptocurrency mining module. This is simply a javascript snippet you copy and paste on to your site. "

The quote above is from jse's site to webmaster looking to monetize their site even from Junk traffic ! Hope you liked this brief post and why take a look at them today and upvote this post.

One final note - Please do your own due diligence.

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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

- Albert Einstein


How true.. Made a few mistakes along the way. Thanks for the post.

amazing concept, adsense made google top 5 market cap company in the world, guess this gonna change the world

This would be ideal for a non-profit website like Wikipedia! I wouldn't mind letting Wikipedia borrow computing resources while I browse their website.