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RE: EOS: WTF? / ICON - Hyperconnect the World - Coin Presentation

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Please look at the crowdsale account of EOS on Etherscan at the end of each token sale period. You can see nothing but "pump", There are the same several accounts which use 5000eth-10000eth each time to buy in EOS at the very last second of each token sale period. It is clearly the price manipulation and it make me sick about this project.


Damn I just checked it and it really looks like pump.

i've been monitoring it for a month, try to connect the dot.

make a post on it

Ok, i will

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While I agree this does seem suspect and can/should raise flags, I think it is tangential to the actual EOSIO project which is damn solid (and hopefully can deliver). I would love to hear more about your findings however as they progress. Following you now, throw a post up when you get more insight.

Thank you for that information @danyelk and also this reply from @dungnhan , I was just checking out eos and I really don't know what to think about.

Could it be exchanges buying? The truth will come in June, when they stop putting out these 2 million tokens a day.