Awareness of crypto is gaining critical mass

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It's funny reading the comments of news articles discussing the BTC price and whether its a bubble. There are BTC lovers and haters. There are crypto lovers and haters. Then there are just haters.

For example, check this piece out. It's a good argument, basically saying there is no precedent for blockchain technology and therefore there's no point comparing what's happening to BTC and other cryptos with anything that has gone before - including the bubble.

But more than anything, this thread shows what will be happening in news sites around the world in mere months (weeks?). This article was drawn from the Australian academic site The Conversation but soon it will be replicated in murdoch broadsheets and then breakfast TV.

It's happening. It's happening now. And it's happening fast.

Strap on your seat belts, it's gonna get bumpy!


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Nobody in my village knows or cares about cryprocurrencies. So, there is also the BTC blissfuls

What they all fail to realize, is that the price goes up because actual people want in, and more than half truly believe in its overall goal to end the current financial system as we know it... that's what they just don't get.


Well, it'll disrupt it, that's for sure!


Indeed it will!

Obviously there will always be haters of bitcoin.
The good news is the lovers outweighs the haters...It is apparently good for the haters to become lovers of bitcoin because less than 5% of the world's population are into bitcoin


this is normal, different people have different opinions .. there are those who did not buy bitcoin before, and now he says that it's a pyradid or bubble, but it's only envy .... those who hold their money in the long run will get a good profit.

it is growing fast and their is no stopping it , the future is cryptos and their is no slow down


There may be a few ups and downs on the way, but I pretty much agree!


Great article!