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Hello Steemians,

I know it has been a while, but as you can see I have not dissapeard in fact I am back with great news that I am very excited about. Since I have joined Steemit I have been learning more about cryptocurrencies and where to mine them legitimately.

Yes this word is very important here "legitimately" I have been reading all around the internet that people have been scammed. So I did my research carefully. It took a while, but I can confidantly say that it worth to take your time and make sure you and up joining to a legit site.

I am new to cryptocurrency mining, but thankfully I have found a microwallet called CoinPot where I can collect and store five different cryptocurrencies. The ones as it follows Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash. To collect my coins I use faucet sites that have been created specifically for CoinPot.

So here is my strategy. I am claiming my faucets every day, which can then be automatically added to Coinpot. I convert all my coins to Dogecoin as it has the lower price and it is the fastest to reach the minimum withrawal which is 100 Dogecoin. Once I have the minimum coins or more I send them to Eobot where I can mine multiple coins including Dogecoin, Steem and Gigahash as well. Then I convert all my Dogecoin to Hashpower to be able to continue mining the coins. I still recommend mining Dogecoin at the beginning as it is the fastest to mine. The good thing about it is that you can mine Hashpower too. My first target is to achieve 500 GH/s so I keep reinvesting my Dogecoins that have been mined.

This is it. It works I tested it. All sites are legit and pay. The great thing is that you can start for completely free.
Once you have built up your hashpower you can mine Steem too which is great.

Links for the site if you want to look into it.

Bitcoin Faucet:
Bitcoin Cash:
Dogecoin Faucet:
Litecoin Faucet:
Dashcoin Faucet:
Bifun (Bitcoin) Faucet:
Bonus Bitcoin Faucet:

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Hey mate, you back to stay for a while?

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