Crypterium... The Future Is Now... (My Submission To The @originalworks sponsored writing contest)

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@Originalworks Sponsored Writing Contest

There’s no question that cryptocurrencies will play a dominant role in the economics of the future - the only question is what that future will look like. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually use your crypto’s? Wouldn’t it be the ultimate convenience if you could get up from your computer right now, go to the store, and buy…

Well, you could buy any dam thing you want – right?

I’m not talking about tracking down some business that decided to accept Bitcoin as a marketing gimmick, or the coffeehouses or sandwich shops that created their own digital token as an incentive program. No, I’m talking about taking the Steem you have in your account right now, going to ANY store, or any website you want, and buying whatever you want.

Every one of us want the ability to buy our groceries, books, a new starter for the old Chrysler in the back yard, the Christmas presents you forgot yesterday, and for some of the whales out there, even a new Ferrari. I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking what a dumbass, you forgot to buy your moms Christmas present yesterday. Well ok besides that, you’re thinking about the plethora (big word of the day) of different obstacles standing in the way of this becoming a reality.

For whoever tries to pull this off, the quintessential (second big word of the day) MUST that will be required for success, is to give consumers the ability to use cryptocurrencies in the same way we use any other fiat currency in our daily lives. Included in these “must have” requirements, is the ability to convert the plethora (there’s that big word again) of digital currencies out there into fiat currency - and offer inter-changeability between them. Provide the speed, accuracy, and security of bank issued credit and debit cards, do it at minimal cost to the consumer, and last but not least, make it cost effective and efficient in order to turn a profit.

None of these things are easy to accomplish, and every one of them will need their own unique solutions. However for the average person who wants the ability to spend their hard earned Steem, not spend hours to make it happen, and not pay huge transaction fees, none of them are inconsequential (ok, last big word).

Most of us probably don’t really care about how it’s done or who does it, what we are looking for are results. Every one of us (at least I) want the ability to buy that dam Christmas present I forgot, and I’m guessing the whales out there want to buy Ferrari’s, using their Steem, Etherium, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, or any other digital currency - right now. Fortunately for every one of us (and the whales), there’s a company ready to make it happen.

A company exists right now that has found solutions to all the problems, created the mechanism to give us what we want, and is poised to completely change the way digital currencies are used.

That company is...


For additional information on Crypterium:

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Merry Christmas To You Too... Be Safe...

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