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Happy Chinese New DOGE Year! Lol @ that been the reason why Dogecoin has been rising up.
My moneys in smart coins ie. Ethereum, NEO, EOS, Stellar.

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you are right, marmots are very nice, nature really always gives us the opportunity to enjoy these little details! How lucky you can see them from close!

Dogs are cool because they get excited to see you even if you've only been away for a few minutes. I'm guessing it didn't take long for the first humans to start adopting them.



And our last giveaway. Sent 🐶

Got it. Thanks! That's really generous. 12 more days until the Year of the Doge! :)

I don't know what a groundhog is so i guess i'll have to try to tell you why i think dogs are cool, damn but i am a cats person.

Until i entered steemit and met Cheetah and Lince ... Ever since i am less of a cats person, but well now i remeber i used to care for a red cat waiting for adoption and it was as aggressive as those two are here.


But wait i disgress... I am supposed to tell you why dogs are cool... hell, well now i just remembered that during the december Coins frenzy i did buy some DOGE at about 50 Satos and sold em for 55 i did that several times at different prices and got some nice return that later on upon reading XVG was DOGE on steriods i did dump the DOGE i had and used it to buy verge, but then came the FUD, after that the FOMO, now the BTC bleed...

So after having a good time with the DOGE now i am a HOBO which reminded me of that series from the 70's the llittlest HOBO

But most people in here is probably too young to remember it, unless you come from a country where tv is still in black and white in which case, since this series was in color you also missed it.

But wait don't complain, because it is not the same as if your TV set was a B/W model and your country had actual color TV for the last ten years, in which case you probably saw the DOGE like this:

I am sure i am forgetting to do something to enter this... But that is what happens when you go out all night with Jhon Mcaffee doing shorooms you hump and dump the DOGE...

Here is my wallet:

(Do you realize when one says that, it sounds like a robbery but it is like an inverse one)

If you send DOGE i will use it to help fund our current Shine the Diamond projects and it will go to buy brass instruments for a musicians school.

But i would prefer if you resteemed my latest witness update where i tell all about it which has been seen by a total of 55 people (5 of them is actually myself adding views to it from my projects accounts)

Sent 🐶

You will make a struggling musician happy! (Photo non contractual, that's actually my second de cuisine)
2016-01-13 22.52.18.jpg

Hell man i had forgotten i had a lot of doge lol... Many more brass instruments

The dog is the best friend of man.

I love Dogecoin and I believe every dog has a day.Luckily you only have to travel a fraction of the speed of light to travel into the future!


Ok thanks got it.

Dogs are cool because they just know how to be happy with simple pleasures. Water, snow, tennis balls, bones, the beach, digging holes, and of course, trees. They're so easy to please and they just want to be like us. They're not picky about food. They comfort us when we're down. And they write stories that start with, "It was a dark and stormy night."

I hope you enjoyed this comment.

Doge Address: D76K97LbsTCpSFYoKUey4LU5FfgqRnpBJC

Sent 🐶

Thank you, sir.

I love dog. They are very loyal. I've got this experience first hand.

My dad used to own several dogs, I love playing with them. Once, my dad gave one to my uncle to help "secure" his shop. Then years gone by. When I visited my uncle I noticed a skinny dog keep looking at me from behind the fence wagging it's tail. My lovely dog had become too skinny for me to recognize but it still recognized me. Loyalty and love at it's peak! End of story, of course, I asked my uncle to take care of it better.

Doge wallet: DMYx1w5Sr4uoMnNWymn5nMpCuySSr178TA

Hi @drakos thank you for having held a dogecoin giveway. I follow this because I am on the wallet there are some dogecoin. My plan to sell dogecoin to buy steempower my steemit account. Now my steemit steempower account is still weak. With my steemit steempower account strong. I can share a vote for other people's posts. The dolecoin in my wallet results in mine from several websites. I am from the first play coin. The coin I like is dogecoin. Because I'm sure. At one time the price will be high. I hope to get dogecoin

This is my dogecoin address

I sent you the prize too quickly though. Please resteem and upvote the post to fill the rules. Thanks.

thank you very much @drakos already willing to share dogecoin already into my wallet.

yes we have vote. thank you very much already willing to share for us weak

Glad to help. I think you pressed the wrong buttons?
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If you ignore (mute) and unfollow, you will miss future DOGE giveaways lol.

I think he missed this comment too :P I don't know how ignore works.

Dont ignore the Pirate!

I personally not a big fan of dog or any kind pets. But one day, my mom adopt the cute pug to our family. She looks really ugly from her face but very cute manner that I can not resist. She loved to be around while I was working. Sat nearby and walked around. But my happiness moment with my "Taro" her name of my cute pug was so short. 6 months later she left us with heartbeat condition after 3 days of medical treatment.

From her past away, I have learned that any kind of dog or pet is a true best friend than human being (this is my personal point of view).

Thanks for give away and reminds me my true best friend dog.


Sent 🐶

andyjim ignore drakos ?

No I don't and thanks for Dogecoin :-)

Check Says you ignored (muted) then followed me.

@drakos - My internet connection was lagging and my PC was Idle and I press the button by mistake. Sorry for making you misunderstand me.

Well, I would say that the fact that Dogecoin got to 1 Billion market cap is pretty outstanding in my opinion, especially if you take into account that it's a so called parody coin. Getting there without it's creator actually trying says a lot about the coin itself if you ask me :)

I love dogs, I used to have a golden retriever names Dona, she was really sweet, one day she got lost and we didn't know for weeks what happened to her, after about a month she found her way home. That dog surprised us all when she started scratching the main entrance door :)


Sent 🐶

Done and done, sorry, I got distracted :)

Thanks so much for this...I hope you like...I am still recovering from my Cryptsy bomb all my Doge was in there...
Here is a favorite quote of mine from the Movie "Groundhog Day"

“This is pitiful. A thousand people freezing their butts off waiting to worship a rat. What a hype. Groundhog Day used to mean something in this town. They used to pull the hog out, and they used to eat it. You’re hypocrites, all of you!”

I must have watched this movie 100 times.
Doge address: D6haF5hHCR36waqZrhEJSa8tjpNawkLp2o

LOL good movie. Sent 🐶

you are the best!
too the MOON!

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Upvoted and resteemed.I have never owned a dog but when i see the people who own one,the bond between them is special.

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🤬 I missed the first 10 ! 😒

Actually no, there's one giveaway left :)

har-har, did they see their shadow? is the bear slump over ?? (-:

@drakos i need your esteemed help i am new in this esteem



Este Post demuestra tu sensibilidad y calidad humana. Gracias amigo por recordarnos que son parte de nuestra vida cotidiana te sigo @drakos

I am back.I love Dog.Because Dog is the best friendly animal and they always try to help man.Happy dog day

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We urgently need steemers to contribute steem dollars to save the life of premature babies in our community hospital. Transfers can made to @gangas . If you can not assist with steem dollars, atleast upvote to this comment, your upvote is donation too. God bless the hand that gives. Thanks.