WARNING: Why You Should Avoid Verge (XVG)

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago (edited)

Hey guys, I'm back from vacation and back to making crypto videos. Today I'm taking a look at Verge.

Let me know what you think of the video!

Watch more videos on my channel here.

EDIT: I made a mistake in this video when I said Verge is a fork of Dogecoin. I will be issuing a correction and apology at the beginning of my next video.


Nice to see your back. Havent seen a post from you in weeks

I think it’s worth the speculation. All you need to do is allocate the right amount of capital to limit your risk.

Good to see you back...how about a shoutout for @spl Steem Poker League, the only Steem poker freeroll site? Or better yet, why not join us for a game?

Nice, something to watch on my drive home.

welcome back we have missed you.
we Ned some e uplifting videos. :)

Just think, when everything crash and burns, we are gonna have fresh memes.

LOL well I mean the memes would be the best part of the apocalypse ;)

Love your videos :)

Welcome back doug! We miss your video 😢

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